Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is There An Obama Curse...Is Ted Kennedy A Victim of It?

The world is grieving (well, Washington D.C. and the Illegal Aliens) over the news concerning Senator Ted Kennedy who, simply stated, is dying of a brain tumor. Is, as it has been suggested, the brain tumor part of an Obama Curse? Will we soon see other Super Delegates who are wrongfully backing Barack Obama similiarly stricken? IT COULD BE!...on other news along this vein, this sure brings into FOCUS McCain's age and health issues!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Obama Curse-Ted Kennedy Paying Ultimate Price For Wrongfully Backing Senator Barack Obama?

America is saddened today by the news that Senator Ted Kennedy is dying...he has a malignant brain tumor of the worst kind. Oh Well, TOO BAD...perhaps the honorable Senator Kennedy is paying the ULTIMATE price for his wrongful backing of Senator Barack Obama for President, the first of many victims of the Obama Curse!

Who WON Senator Kennedy's state in the Primary? Senator Clinton WON HIS STATE, yet he opted to ignore the voice of the people, and now has been struck by the OBAMA CURSE, his days on this earth numbered. How many more Super Delegates out there are going to fall victim to the Obama Curse for wrongfully supporting a candidate the heart of the party DOES NOT WANT?

It is no accident that one of the biggest Obama supporters is now SILENCED, on his way to the dark unknown beyond.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama Cries Foul-Who Will Be America's First Bitch

Let's face it, when it comes to our choice of First Lady in the fall election, we have a choice between two serious bitches. Bitch one is Obama, her of the famous "first time I am proud of America" comment, the lady who amazingly got a $200,000 raise soon after her husband became Senator Obama...it should be noted here, that her boss has helped steer over $100K to the Obama Presidential Campaign so far. Then we have Bitch Two, Cindy McCain, the drug whore who's husband got felony charges dismissed for her.

Obama, Your Wife is a Bitch...DEAL WITH IT

Who Will Be FIRST BITCH Come November?

Been AFK here for awhile, but could not help but jump in with a quick story...according to CNN, it seems that Senator (Zebra) Obama is all hot under the collar over folks in the Republican Party are attacking his LOVELY WIFE...Get a clue, your wife has shown herself to be and egotistical bitch, and it is not just Republicans attacking her. Further, she threw herself into the campaign, along with your little girls, so they are ALL FAIR GAME. You want to trot out your supposed perfect family, use them to win votes, they are FAIR GAME, a target for anyone who cares to run attack blogs, ads or You Tube video...you want your wife left out of it, then have her stay home!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Burn Down The Walls, Split the Democratic Party-Obama IS NOT OUR CHOICE, and We Should Not Let Reverse Black Racist Vote Make Him So

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Time For Senator Clinton To Embrace A Scorched Earth Policy

Fuck the Democratic Leadership, Fuck Obama, and his bigoted, reverse racist black vote. The HEART and SOUL of the Democratic Party is being thrown to the curb, and it is time to take no prisoners, and if necessary to SPLIT THE PARTY with Hilary Clinton running on a Separate Ticket as a Independent.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Prejudiced Reverse Racism Black Vote, and Good Old Boys Club Coraling Hilary

I am not one to pull my punches...the PREJUDICED REVERSE RACISM Black Vote coupled with the Good Old Boy Blue Dog Democratic Men's Club opinion that a woman will not be elected president sees the two groups closing ranks, with the press in cahoots, to hand the Democratic nod to Senator Obama. The talking heads chirp up like newly born acolytes of the dark lord about how us blue collar, under educated middle class WHITE BOYS will fall in line come fall, our women following our lead, holding our noses as we vote Democrat, vote for a corrupt, dishonest, elitist black man for President. You idiots do not know us very well.

Here is a clue to those pundits, to the Super Delegates, to the Democratic Party...we will throw your party to the curb, we will tell Obama to GO FUCK HIMSELF, and either A) not vote, or B) just out of spite vote for John McCain. We are not going to be shepparded back into the tent after a good scolding on party loyalty.

Now, a word to Hillary Clinton...it is obvious to anyone that has watched the media that you have NOT BEEN GIVEN a fair shake, the slant on every story, the tone of the conversation tilted in favor of Obama. You owe the PARTY nothing, and I would encourage you to take a SCORCHED EARTH policy between now, and the Convention in August. If you, Bill or your operatives have dirt on Obama, on his wife, on a Super Delegate, BRING IT OUT, take down every male chauvinistic bastard you can, spare no expense, launch every weapon. Take no prisoners, and if possible DESTROY OBAMA's political career in the process, as the press has refused to deal honestly with his dirt, and we both know the Republicans will have a hay day with him in the fall, so we might as well do the job for them.

To Mr Dean...Michigan and Florida must count, and if you seat them as THEY VOTED, this is no where near a finished horse race. Any other solution you and your ass monkeys come up with intending on giving Obama the nod by ignoring the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE in these two states will FOREVER split the party, and in fact I would encourage Hilary Clinton to run as an independent this fall if she is not the party's nominee. You need to be aware Mr. Dean, that people like me are loading up our You Tube attack videos, sharpening up our Anti Obama blogs....you will not have to worry about what the Republicans will do to Obama, as we TRUE BLUE DEMOCRATS will take him down ourselves, gleefully load up attack ad after attack ad to go after the lying son of a bitch, because that is what Democracy is about. Democracy is not about allowing a reverse racism black vote negating commonsense. Democracy is not about the Good Old Rich Boys club throwing the nomination to Obama because they cannot stomach the thought of a woman in the White House.

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