Monday, March 31, 2008

Maybe They Both Should Learn About BIRTHCONTROL-Muslims Overtake Catholics-Who Cares?

Oh MY GAWD...the Muslims have overtaken the Catholics in the BIRTH RACE, now have more practicing Muslims that Catholics, are the leading religion in the world...who cares, both religions are afflicted with own brand of sickness. Ask me, they both should learn to preach BIRTH CONTROL from the pulpit.

Muslims Outnumber World's Catholics

Posted: 2008-03-31 00:09:06
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VATICAN CITY (March 30) - Islam has surpassed Roman Catholicism as the world's largest religion, the Vatican newspaper said Sunday.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Protestors Upstage Olympic Passing of Torch

First, Lou Dobbs, President Bush and others are missing the boat in saying it would be unfair to our atheletes to BOYCOTT the Chinese Olympics...some things are far more important than sporting events, including taking a stand in favor of HUMAN RIGHTS. If our American atheletes are concerned about more than COMMERCIAL ENDORSEMENTS, they themselves should boycott the Olympics. Free Tibet should be a rallying cry heard around the world, and we can play smash mouth football against China by ruining their Olympics in the name of human rights and Tibet...problem is, Bush has no balls. Kuddos to those brave protestors who successfully stole the spot light during the passing of the torch to China.

See Story here.

Pope Should Stay in Vatican, We Do Not Want Him Here in New York

Demon Spawn, or Conflicted Man?
I am sure a lot of the holier than thou, pro-life, illegal alien supporting Catholics will disagree, but the Pope and his views should stay home in the Vatican as most of us here in New York do not approve of his visit here this coming week. The Catholic Church priests are a bunch of child molesting vipers with wrong ideas on life and God, including but not limited to:

1. Celebacy in the church when it comes to ministers.
2. Abortion...even God gives us freedom of choice.
3. Illegal Aliens...the Catholic Church should lose their tax exempt status here in America for providing aid and comfort to criminals, law breaking people that have no right to be here in America.
4. Wrong on birth control.

Get a clue, you are NOT WELCOME by the majority of America's citizens, and since we are a democracy, you should respect our choices, and stay home.

Pope Reaches Out to American Catholics

Benedict XVI to visit Washington, D.C., and New York City in April

Posted March 28, 2008

It won't be the easiest roadshow for the leader of the world's largest Christian church, a man who many thought would be a quiet but dogmatic transitional figure focused on preserving the church in an increasingly secular Europe. But Pope Benedict XVI has already upset expectations, and when he arrives this month for his first pontifical visit to the United States, many of his admirers believe that he will overturn more.

Obama Kennedy Connection-A Not So Little White Lie

As editor of the Harvard Law Review, Barrack Obama is a fact checker, should double even triple check facts before running with them...unless of course misrepresenting those facts could allow him to connect himself to the Kennedy legacy, tie him into Camelot. In his usual fashion, when his LIE was pointed out, Obama shrugged and claims he made a simple mistake...LIAR! How many inconsistancy and examples of POOR JUDGEMENT are we going to give this snake oil salesman?

Another example of a DOUBLE STANDARD...Clinton embellishes a story that was basically true, and the press attacks her for days on end, while a MAJOR and SIGNIFICANT lie on Obama's part so far has not even been mentioned by the major news media as they try to hand Obama the Democratic Nod on a silver platter. Let's be clear, OBAMA is a LIAR, and has NO TIE TO CAMELOT, instead choose to manipulate facts and reality to suit his needs. The more we learn about the man, the more obvious it is that he is nothing more than a turd in a suit with a degree from Harvard.

Key Part of JFK-Obama Myth Not True

March 30, 2008 9:37 AM

Key Part of JFK-Obama Myth Not True

Our friend Michael Dobbs, the Fact Checker at the Washington Post, takes a look today at the claim by Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, wrapping up his existence in the hagiography of Camelot.

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Forget Cease Fire and Politics, Take Out Sadr

So, radical Shite butt munch Mogtada al-Sadr has pushed the envelop to the edge, and then in his usual cat and mouse game pulls his troops off the field and says, "Let's all play nice, and by the way, all my troops should get a FREE PASS." Screw that noise...let's be honest here, one of the big mistakes the Pentagon made was not taking al-Sadr out when they had a chance. They should have stormed the Mosque, leveled the Mother F--Ker to the ground and killed the fat rat bastard. Instead, they let him slip the noose, live to fight another day.

If America wants respect in the Middle East, they need to start showing some MAN BALLS, busting some heads starting with Mogtada al-Sadr's militia. Instead of sitting back, sending in a bit of air cover, American Troops now need to storm in and clean house in a big way, take no prisoners, force al-Sadr and his militia to surrender or die. Al Jazeera coverage. Coverage from the BCC here.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

News of the Day for Sunday, March 30, 2008

An Iraqi Shiite fighter runs past a burning Iraqi Army armoured vehicle after Shiite fighters attacked it in the city of Basra. Iraq's radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has ordered his fighters off the streets, paving the way for an end to clashes with security forces that have killed hundreds of people. (AFP/Essam Al-Sudani)

Obamanites Playing Dirtiest of Politics, Press Joining in Attacks

What a difference two months makes. Two months ago I was enjoying the race between Clinton and Obama, prepared to vote for whichever one ended up winning the nomination of our party...all that has changed, and not just because of Obama's willingness to welcome with open arms his Bigot Preacher, Jeremiah Wright. This past week, Obamanites and some of Obama's Super Delegates are playing a very dirty political trick in an attempt to swing voters in Pa, lower the numbers by which he loses in that state.

They are coming out and saying Hillary Clinton should retire from the race, throw in her chips and go home for the good of the party...FUCK THAT SHIT, to hell with that Good Old Boys pig headed play. OK Little Woman, you have shown us you can play with the big boys, now go pack your bags, we are going to give the nod to a man, and a Black Man at that...GET IT, we don't WANT A WOMAN in the White House, especially a mean spirited bitch like you.

HORSE is a clue...give Hillary the two states she won (Michigan and Florida) and watch her clean Obama's clock in Pennsylvania and Obama is the one that is TOAST, burnt toast at that. Hillary has carried key states that we MUST WIN to win the White House, while Obama built up ground troops in states we know are going to go red in November. Further, if the Democrats did as they should, did as the Republicans do and have a WINNER TAKE ALL primary, Obama would ALSO BE TOAST...he is a paper tiger that is starting to get crumpled around the edges.

The Jeremiah Wright me, the Republicans are going to RUN WITH THAT ONE in the fall elections, and you know what...this Democrat is going to be there helping them along, putting up Dump Obama political blogs, and piecing together You Tube videos showing the world the truth right along with them. It will not take very many of us...say a few hundred, tossing up blogs and You Tube videos to take him down, cull the herd. The Lou Dobbs and political pundits of the world may think they can heal this RIFT in the are going to be SO make Obama the Candidate of the Democratic Party, and a good portion of the Clinton half of the party will fact, I would support her running as an independent. What the media is doing is are giving rise to a false story in the hopes that Pennsylvania voters (some of them) will buy into the story that Hillary is through and should resign for the good of the party.

By the way Obama, show some MAN BALLS and put up an agenda for this RACE TALK you say you want to have you pansy ass. You give one NOT SO GREAT speech, and then run away without putting up an agenda...what a pansy.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Rice Weights in On Race-Says We As Nation Have a Birth Defect

Another PROUD Obama Supporter Indicted in Detroit-This man wrongfully ruined the career of three police officers to HIDE HIS AFFAIR.
Dissappointing Secretary of State Condi Rice, one of the Bush croonies decided to weigh in on the race issue today, stating we as a nation are still troubled by a Birth Defect. So, we have Obama defending and embracing a racist Black preacher in Jeremiah Wright, and Secretary of State Condi Rice beating the reparations drum by claiming our nation is suffering from a birth defect going back to the founding of our nation.

Get OVER IT ALREADY. Staring with my generation and moving forward, two generations of White's have been the victims of reverse discrimination in the name of Affirmative Action. Blacks and other minorities given priority status by mere virtue of the color of their skin. Almost 40 years later, those of us who committed NO SINS, did not enslave one soul have paid enough of a price in the name of leveling the playing field.

The time has come for blacks to stop demanding super rights, and a double standard where they are allowed to hold on to and feed their own racist hatred of Whites. Equal rights for all does not mean you give someone a benefit when applying to college or for a job just because they are the right color, or the right sex. Equal rights means everyone is held to the same standard. Obama said, "Typical white person" in explaining his Grandmother's fears. We all know if Senator Clinton had said, "Typical black person" her run for the presidency would be over. If it had come to light that she had sat in the church pews listening to a White Supremist preacher for 20 years, her political career would be why a different standard for Senator Obama?

Lets have the race talk, but lets let ALL SIDES have a voice. Obama talked about Black Anger, and white, we are no longer resentful, we are angry at reverse discrimination, sick and tired of not getting a job, or a seat in a college classroom of our choice because of the color of our skin. We are tired of the United Negro College Fund because we know the Black Community would be up in arms if we started a United White College Fund. We had no problems stopping use of the *N* word, even shunned those who continued its use, but Blacks still refer to us as Honkies or they think those terms are LESS OFFENSIVE TO US than the *N* word is to them?

Obama gave a speech...BIG DEAL, where is HIS FOLLOW UP?

Democratic Chieftains Trying to Throw Obama The Nomination

I've stated in numerous places that I was of a mind to support whichever of the Democratic candidates that won, be it Clinton or Obama. That is no longer so, I will either sit out the election, or vote for McCain if Obama is made the standard bearer of the Democratic Party. First, is the whole bigoted racist Jeremiah Wright case. Simply stated, Obama is a LIAR...he knew 20 years ago that Reverend Wright was a racist, made controversial race baiting statements, but Obama chose to be involved with him and his church anyway.

Secondly, have not appreciated certain Super Delegates and Dean trying to force Hillary Clinton to step aside for the good of the this election about what is good for the Democratic Party, or what is good for Democracy? Let us be honest here...if Florida and Michigan were counted, or granted a revote Hillary after winning Pennsylvania would be leading in citizen vote, and the delegate count. The DNC knowns this, which is why they are wanting to seat the delegates from Florida and Michigan 50/50, or devalue their vote to half a vote each so that Obama can hold onto a very tenuous lead, most of it built in red states.

I helped get a Democratic Congressman (Freshman) elected in 2006, and I will make a few predictions here, as I think Lou Dobbs and other pundits are wrong in discounting the protest vote, wrong in underestimating how many of us will stay home.

1. If Obama, supporter of reverse racism, who embraces and loves a bigot preacher is selected as the Democratic Candidate, it will split the party right in half,

2. If Obama is chosen as the Democratic Standard bearer to march against John McCain, he will LOSE to John McCain, and as a result, the Democrats will end up losing their majorities in both the House and Senate in the next election.

Obama is more than DAMAGED GOODS, and has shown his true racist self for those that care to do their homework. The DNC needs to let this all play out, and if the Super Delegates have any sense at all, they'll make Clinton the standard bearer for the fall election...fact of the matter is simple....come this fall, most of that young following that is creating the BUZZ for Obama will be on to something new and fresh.

Does the Press Want Obama To Win, or Afraid of The Race Issue? Obama is a LIAR.

Have The Democrats Become Obama Sheep, Like Evangelicals Were Bush's Sheep being Led To Slaughter?
First, let us be clear...Obama KNEW about Reverend Wrights bigoted, racist remarks. He even warned Obama way back almost 20 years ago when Obama wanted to join the church. He told Obama he was controversial, and if Obama was planning a political career it could cause problems for him. Simply stated, Obama is lying, will lie on the view when he tries to claim IGNORANCE. So, poor judgement, a liar, and someone that has no problems communing with a Black Bigot.

Yet, the press refuses to really go after Obama, or for that matter Jeremiah Wright. They have been very careful NOT TO LABEL Jeremiah Wright himself a racist. Further, they always preface their comments on Obama with things like, "Is it really fair to expect him to know everything his preacher said" as if they either A) want Obama to win the White House, or B) are afraid of treading in the deep waters of BLACK PREJUDICE against White people. Either way, they are doing a disservice to America.

Today on The View, Obama will again lie to America when he states, "I'm not vetting my minister."

Election Central raises the question, "Did he know?" Give me a break, I am not a reporter, and have found PLENTY of PROOF that Obama knew...I just find it said that the press does have the balls to go after the story, endorses a double standard wherein Black Prejudice is acceptable, but White Prejudice is not.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

One has to wonder if Libby Quaid of the Associated Press is a Republican with a strong like of Mr. McSame...I say this after reading the piece written up about Meghan McCain blog, a fluff piece meant to burnish her *not so superstar* image. Some questions that should have been posed were sorely missing from the article. These would include the following:

1. Who is picking up the travel tab for Meghan McCain and her spoiled little rich girlfriends?

2. How is the blog NOT POLITICAL when Meghan McCain is supposedly ON STAFF with the campaign?

3. Are her two girlfriends ALSO getting a salary or stipend, either from the McCain campaign, or from Mommy Dearest?

4. Why does it take a staff of three to manage and maintain one simple unoriginal fluff blog?

Meghan McCain Has Offbeat Campaign Blog

Mar 27 03:08 AM US/EasternBy LIBBY QUAID
Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - "McCain Blogette" seems an oxymoron: a senior citizen and his presidential campaign chronicled by the Facebook generation.

This is the goal of John McCain's daughter Meghan and her Internet diary, . Meghan, 23, offers an insider's view, offbeat and sometimes surprisingly intimate.

While the Web site is about a campaign, it is not about issues and rarely mentions other candidates. Rather, it is intended to make her parents, and politics, seem more real.

There is a message for anyone worried her 71-year-old father is too old: "I have yet to see Dad take a nap on the trail," Meghan writes under a picture of herself napping.

A different photo shows Meghan demanding, arm outstretched, that her father hand over the candy bar he wants to eat for dinner.

How Many Free Passes Does Obama Get on Racist Reverend Wright?

So lets set aside for the minute that Obama called us to have THE GREAT TALK ON RACE, and then went off on vacation, trying to hide from the Reverend Wright/Otis Moss III BIGOT scandal. Forget that Obama has failed miserably in laying out a framework for this GREAT TALK ON RACE, seems to feel Whites should shut up and listen, while Blacks bitch about past sins. Lets get to reality...Obama has admitted that he sat in the pew and HEARD controversial remarks made by Reverend Wright. Again, we have more racist remarks coming to the surface that have been spoken by, or printed by Racist Jeremiah Wright, yet Obama like a boy not weaned from his mother's nipple insists STANDING BY HIS MAN.

Garlic nosed Italians? False accusations against the Jews, accusing Whites of causing aides in the black Community, insinuating that 911 was deserved, yet Obama insists on keeping Wright as a friend, insists on defending the church from which this hate speech has come...speaks ill of his judgement, and yet the press is not going after him, insists on TAMPING DOWN THE SCANDAL, afraid they might KILL THE GREAT BLACK HOPE...come on, if those comments had come from a white man, if Obama insisted on standing by the white man his career would be over. Stop the double standards...Obama is embracing as a friend, as a mentor a bigot...that is the story.

Politico Scoping Up McCain Cash? Might Explain Some of the McCain Friendly Articles.

Just a quick late night question. Can Politico's site really be considered as a accurate, impartial, truthful source of information on Senator McCain and his run for the presidency when it appears said web site is making a nice little PROFIT on John McCain? According to filings by McCain with the FEC, he owes the folks at Politico just over $3300. Not sure one can or should be writing opinion pieces on a candidate that is writing you out checks...just my own thoughts on the matter, though your milage might vary. See debt owed here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Senator Obama's Hate Spewing Minister Silenced As He Should Be!

Well, Senator Obama may not have the balls to stand up and leave a church when its minister spews forth hate speech, but in Tampa someone had the balls to pull the plug on the Un-Right Jeremiah Wright's first public appearance since the scandal the meantime, the spineless Senator Obama who has laid low rather than address Otis Moss III's race baiting comments in his Easter Sunday sermon is supposed to be back out on the campaign tral tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if the media (especially CNN) continues to give him what amounts to a free not so great speech on racial tensions and now they want to bury the topic...HORSESHIT.

TAMPA — The first public appearance of Barack Obama's controversial pastor since his inflammatory comments rocked the presidential campaign was abruptly called off Tuesday.

The cancellation of Jeremiah Wright's appearance at a church revival meeting here came as Obama's Democratic rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton, delivered her most pointed criticism to date about the issue.

At a news conference in Greensburg, Pa., Clinton said she would have left the church had her minister said the things about America that Obama's pastor has. "I think that, given all we have heard and seen, he would not have been my pastor," she said. Her comments represent a departure from her previous silence over the furor.

Wright's sermons have included blistering attacks on government policy. In one sermon, lamenting the treatment of blacks, he said: "God d--- America for treating our citizens as far less than human."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bush War On Terror Takes Hit in Pakistan

When President Pervez Musharraf cracked down on PRO-DEMOCRACY citizens in Pakistan, locked up members of the Supreme Court, and slews of attorneys, the Bush administration did nothing, continued to throw their support behind iron fisted Musharraf. That fatally flawed stupidity by Bush's Diplomatic Corp (Condi Rice) is now costing America, will perhaps devastate the war on terror.

Sharif tells US envoys Pakistan will scrutinize tactics against Islamic militants

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - A key figure in Pakistan’s new government told two top U.S. envoys today that his country is "no longer a one-man show" and that President Pervez Musharraf’s strong-arm tactics against Islamic militants will be scrutinized.

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s comments came as Musharraf swore in a loyalist of slain opposition leader Benazir Bhutto as the head of a new civilian government.

Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte and Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Richard Boucher arrived in Islamabad early Tuesday, held talks with Sharif, then visited Musharraf at the presidential palace. They made no public comment on the talks. The envoys also met with army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and the chief of the military’s powerful Inter-Services Intelligence, a U.S. Embassy spokeswoman said.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Will Obama White House Be Off Limits to Whites?

The big news heading into the Easter Weekend was New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s endorsement of Senator Obama. While accusations flew back and forth, while Richardson was accused of being Judas (isn’t he?), the pundits seem to have missed a very key issue and question that must be raised. Was Richardson’s endorsement a sign that the Obama White House will be open to Latino’s and Blacks, and closed to White citizens? I can already hear the gnashing of teeth, and chants of heretic as I write that question, but it is a serious question that must be asked.

We already know that Senator Obama supports a pathway to citizenship for 15-20 million criminal illegal aliens already here in America, that Obama shows little concern about the reality that those illegal aliens have stolen American jobs. Sure, he paid lip service to that reality in his Race Speech last week, but like the man, the speech is high on hyperbole, and low on real solutions, lacking even an agenda for that TALK he says America needs to have…in fact, rather than put forth an agenda for that talk, he ran off on a family vacation just in time to give himself culpable deniability when it comes to Otis Moss III’s race baiting comments from the pulpit on Sunday.

Obama has done horribly when it comes to the Latino community, would not be where he is right now if it were not for the overwhelming support (80-90 percent) of his Black Community. Governor Richardson’s endorsement could change all that in the General Election, and not stupid enough here to believe that Bill Richardson did not attach strings (conditions) to his endorsement should Obama win the White House, first on that list AMNESTY, and a National DREAM ACT.

It is rather odd that Obama is calling on Super Delegates to support the voice of the popular vote, but has no problems with Governor Bill Richardson going against the popular vote in New Mexico and casting his endorsement Obama’s way…another one of those double standards that many in the Black Community see no problem with. This contradiction should not be missed by the American voter…despite Obama’s glowing media reviews of his Race Speech; his words do not match his actions.

He opposed the Michigan law that eliminated Affirmative Action in that state, made it illegal to give anyone an advantage or disadvantage based on race, creed or sexual orientation. Further, Obama is supportive of the DREAM Act, which would give children of illegal aliens a instant pathway to citizenship, and allow them to attend college at In-State Tuition, while legal Americans attending college from out of state would have to pay higher out of state fees. Governor Richardson also supports this controversial bill that advantages illegal aliens and their families, and like Obama supports maintaining Affirmative Action.

Looking at Bill Richardson’s endorsement of Obama, looking at Obama’s refusal to label Jeremiah Wright’s hate speech for what it is, evaluating both of these politicians stand on Illegal Aliens, we must ask ourselves, “Would a Obama White House exclude Whites?”

If Obama Democratic Choice, It Is Time To Boycott Fall Election

The big worry for Republicans was that their base would stay home this fall, simply not vote as way of protest. No one gave Senator McCain or any other candidate any realistic chance of winning the White House...Senator Obama, his close ties to a racist church and pastor have changed that. In a race that was ours to lose, the Democratic Party is finding a way to snatch defeat from the hands of Victory. Obama could have stood for something by standing up against hate speech, but instead he choose to stand with his Black Community, his Black Church, and a racist, bigoted preacher who has spewed hate speech from the pulpit. In that singular act, he has destroyed his chances to win in the General Election.

Which begs the question, is it time for many of us in the Democratic Party to stay home this fall, boycott a wrong choice? That is a choice each of us will have to make, but one I have made. If Obama recieves the Democratic Nomination, I will not vote for him, will employ my blogging skills to keep him out of the White House. His "typical white person" remark was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back, cemented my decision NOT TO BACK HIM, even if it means giving the Republicans four more years. Another deciding factor...his opposition of Michigan's rightful attempt to end Affirmative Action coupled with his refusal to let Michigan hold a new primary. A month ago I was one of those people content to support either of the two major candidates in the fall...not any more.

If the Democratic National Committee, the super delegates want to win the White House, there is only one logical choice, and that choice is Hillary Clinton. Any other choice will see a massive boycott of the fall election process, and I will be one of those voters not supporting the Democratic ticket.

Tibet Update, Call For Bush To Boycott Games

The situation in Tibet continues to spiral out of control as Communist China flexes its muscle while George W. Bush stands idly by twiddling his thumbs. How about taking decisive action, acting like a WORLD LEADER by announcing to the world that America is officially withdrawing from China's Olympic games, and challenging all Democracies of the world to follow suit. Meanwhile, below are some breaking articles from Reuters.

24 Mar 2008 03:57:42 GMT

Source: Reuters

CARACAS, March 23 (Reuters) - Venezuela's socialist President Hugo Chavez blamed the United States for violent protests in Tibet during the last two weeks that he said were aimed at trying to destabilize China.

In comments reported by his press office on Sunday, Chavez said the protests were an example of the U.S. "empire" "going against China" and trying to divide the Asian powerhouse.

Communist China has occupied Tibet, a Buddhist region previously ruled by monks, since a military invasion in 1950.

At least 19 people were killed after protests and rioting against the occupation broke out on March 10.

China has been widely criticized for a crackdown against the demonstrators ahead of August's Olympic games to be held in Beijing.

24 Mar 2008 09:53:45 GMT

Source: Reuters

DHARAMSALA, India, March 24 (Reuters) - The Tibetan government-in-exile has raised its confirmed death toll from clashes between Chinese authorities and Tibetan protesters to 130, a spokesman said on Monday.

"It's 130, mainly from eastern and northeastern parts of Tibet," Thubten Samphel, a spokesman for the government-in-exile, told Reuters. (Reporting by Jonathan Allen; Editing by Alistair Scrutton)

Human Rights Watch has called for the Chinese government to:

  • lift its lock-down of all Tibetan areas, including allowing full media access;
  • account for the missing and dead from this month's protests;
  • publish the names of all individuals detained and their places of detention; and
  • give immediate access to independent monitors who can investigate whether detainees are being tortured or mistreated.

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Conveniently, Obama Goes Into Hiding

Call me jaded, but almost as if he knew what Otis Moss III was going to say and do on Sunday, Obama has gone to ground, hiding out in CHARLOTTE AMALIE, U.S. Virgin Islands, making himself unavailable to answers questions on the "Lynching"...we can now add chickent to the growing list of Obama character flaws. It's is more than convenient that Obama put himself completely out of touch today, convenient that his staff refuses to say where on the island that he is staying...he is avoiding the news media for 24 hours to let the fury of the Otis Moss III story die down, hoping he can keep the story from hitting the 24 hour news reel. Stop hiding Obama, come out to the cameras and explain YOUR CHURCH's latest false allegation and race baiting.

Obama, Our Next White President-Why Not?

Obama can identify with his Blackness all he wants, attend the Trinity Church of Christ, and it does not change a very real reality...He is as much White as he is Black, is just as much our next White President as he is our next Black president. Perhaps to show he really is above race, he should stop self identifying as Black, and begin self Identifying as White...after all, if we are all equal, if we need to put away our hatreds, then why can't he be White part of the time, and Black part of the time? If Obama is half White, why is it that the Black Community gets to claim him as their own? Wasn't it the Black Community that was originally claiming he was not Black Enough? If he were suddenly embracing his White side, would they suddenly stop supportinng him in the fashion they have been supporting him, and if so what does that say about their own communities prejudices?

Just think in fairness to all Americans we should share Obama...the Black Community can have him on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, the White Community can have him on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with him alternating on Sundays between a White Church, and a Black Church. This way, all citizens of America can feel comfortable with the fact that he understands the White Church just as much as he claims to understand the Black Church. We can believe he truly understands the White pain as much as he understands the Black pain.

Don't see why such an arrangement could not work, that is unless the Black Community were afraid such an arrangement would risk Obama being disloyal to his Black Community. Is there any reason they would not trust a White Obama for President, after all, he would still be the same Obama...right?

Canadian Anti-Terrorist Plans In The Dumpster

Talk about Homeland Security, seems that Canada's Anti-Terrorist plans are literally in the dumpster! Wondering if they gave Browning a job?

Thu Mar 20, 11:26 AM ET

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada will probe how blueprints for the new headquarters of an elite military counter-terrorism unit ended up in a pile of garbage, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said Thursday.

The Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit, housed inside an armed forces base in Trenton, Ontario, is designed to cope with the aftermath of an attack using weapons of mass destruction.

The 26 blueprints were contained in one of seven defense ministry files that a passer-by found on top of garbage bags on an Ottawa street. The other six files are still missing.

"We take this very seriously. So I want to hear first exactly what went on," Day told reporters, saying he had ordered his officials to examine the incident.

Wright Victim of Lynching! So Says Obama's Church Minister!

Holy MOLY, Easter Sunday at Trinity Church of Christ, and Otis Moss III is all full of piss and vinegar, delivers a SCATHING race baiting sermon accusing the media of LYNCHING the dear Reverend Wright. Hate spewing Reverend Wright's replacement let America hear that BLACK ANGER he admits exists, compared Reverend Wright to Jesus, stating he faces the same kind of challenges, and continued on, stating "No one should end their ministry with lynching" race baiting there now is there?

From FOX:

In Easter Sermon, New Obama Pastor Charges Rev. Wright Victim of
Click Title for Rest of Article

Will be interesting to see what Obama has to say about this most recent episode of reverse racism, listen as he explains how the press coverage of the event amounted to a LYNCHING! I really want to hear Obama defend his remaining with the church under a SECOND RACIST MINISTER...I know, we don't understand the Black Church experience? In the meantime, Political Dirt encourages all Americans to begin the discussion by contacting the Trinity United Church of Christ with your views on this latest sermon (hate speech).



Before the Democratic Party and Obama try to distant themselves, you might want to visit this Democratic Website where you can watch Otis do his THANG.
Some links and mini articles on Otis Moss III
Yesterday, Dr. Rev. Otis Moss, III spoke in Washington, DC in honor of Black History Month. The event, a joint production of the Democratic National Committee's American Majority Partnership and Faith In Action team was entitled "Engaging a New Generation of Prophetic Leadership." It was a truly a remarkable speech that discussed the intergenerational dynamics of political activism within the Black Church Community. Reverend Moss spoke with great passion about the challenges facing the faith community in the years ahead as politics and time change circumstances. You can watch the video below, about 50 minutes in its entirety, and completely engaging.

Rev. Moss is quite the orator. Go check him out.

His Sermons on MP3

Barack brings a vision born outside of the historical emotional trappings of “slavery in American and Jim Crow lynchings”.

Otis Moss III: Rooted in Africa and Christianity

Senator Barack Obama is a longtime member of Trinity United Church of Christ (UCC) in Chicago. The church describes itself as "unashamedly Black and unapologetically Christian" and embraces what it calls an "Africentric" theology. Over the past year, Trinity UCC and its pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, have come under fire from conservative bloggers and pundits. Wright is retiring and Rev. Otis Moss III is assuming his pastoral duties. Moss responds to the barrage of criticism his church has faced and says it won't affect his ministry.

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Rev. Otis Moss III

Otis%20Moss%20III.jpgNamed by the African American Pulpit Journal as one of “20 to watch” ministers who will shape the future of the African American Church, Rev. Otis Moss, III, seems to be doing just that. Presidential candidate Barack Obama is a member of his congregation and Oprah Winfrey has attended his church. But Rev. Moss, pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, sees all parishioners as vital and is championing an intergenerational ministry. In this conversation with the Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, director of religion at Chautauqua, Otis Moss talks candidly about family tragedies, the influence he felt from his father, famed civil-rights leader Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, Jr., and of his parents’ friendship with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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