Thursday, March 27, 2008

One has to wonder if Libby Quaid of the Associated Press is a Republican with a strong like of Mr. McSame...I say this after reading the piece written up about Meghan McCain blog, a fluff piece meant to burnish her *not so superstar* image. Some questions that should have been posed were sorely missing from the article. These would include the following:

1. Who is picking up the travel tab for Meghan McCain and her spoiled little rich girlfriends?

2. How is the blog NOT POLITICAL when Meghan McCain is supposedly ON STAFF with the campaign?

3. Are her two girlfriends ALSO getting a salary or stipend, either from the McCain campaign, or from Mommy Dearest?

4. Why does it take a staff of three to manage and maintain one simple unoriginal fluff blog?

Meghan McCain Has Offbeat Campaign Blog

Mar 27 03:08 AM US/EasternBy LIBBY QUAID
Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - "McCain Blogette" seems an oxymoron: a senior citizen and his presidential campaign chronicled by the Facebook generation.

This is the goal of John McCain's daughter Meghan and her Internet diary, . Meghan, 23, offers an insider's view, offbeat and sometimes surprisingly intimate.

While the Web site is about a campaign, it is not about issues and rarely mentions other candidates. Rather, it is intended to make her parents, and politics, seem more real.

There is a message for anyone worried her 71-year-old father is too old: "I have yet to see Dad take a nap on the trail," Meghan writes under a picture of herself napping.

A different photo shows Meghan demanding, arm outstretched, that her father hand over the candy bar he wants to eat for dinner.

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