Thursday, March 27, 2008

How Many Free Passes Does Obama Get on Racist Reverend Wright?

So lets set aside for the minute that Obama called us to have THE GREAT TALK ON RACE, and then went off on vacation, trying to hide from the Reverend Wright/Otis Moss III BIGOT scandal. Forget that Obama has failed miserably in laying out a framework for this GREAT TALK ON RACE, seems to feel Whites should shut up and listen, while Blacks bitch about past sins. Lets get to reality...Obama has admitted that he sat in the pew and HEARD controversial remarks made by Reverend Wright. Again, we have more racist remarks coming to the surface that have been spoken by, or printed by Racist Jeremiah Wright, yet Obama like a boy not weaned from his mother's nipple insists STANDING BY HIS MAN.

Garlic nosed Italians? False accusations against the Jews, accusing Whites of causing aides in the black Community, insinuating that 911 was deserved, yet Obama insists on keeping Wright as a friend, insists on defending the church from which this hate speech has come...speaks ill of his judgement, and yet the press is not going after him, insists on TAMPING DOWN THE SCANDAL, afraid they might KILL THE GREAT BLACK HOPE...come on, if those comments had come from a white man, if Obama insisted on standing by the white man his career would be over. Stop the double standards...Obama is embracing as a friend, as a mentor a bigot...that is the story.

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