Sunday, March 30, 2008

Obama Kennedy Connection-A Not So Little White Lie

As editor of the Harvard Law Review, Barrack Obama is a fact checker, should double even triple check facts before running with them...unless of course misrepresenting those facts could allow him to connect himself to the Kennedy legacy, tie him into Camelot. In his usual fashion, when his LIE was pointed out, Obama shrugged and claims he made a simple mistake...LIAR! How many inconsistancy and examples of POOR JUDGEMENT are we going to give this snake oil salesman?

Another example of a DOUBLE STANDARD...Clinton embellishes a story that was basically true, and the press attacks her for days on end, while a MAJOR and SIGNIFICANT lie on Obama's part so far has not even been mentioned by the major news media as they try to hand Obama the Democratic Nod on a silver platter. Let's be clear, OBAMA is a LIAR, and has NO TIE TO CAMELOT, instead choose to manipulate facts and reality to suit his needs. The more we learn about the man, the more obvious it is that he is nothing more than a turd in a suit with a degree from Harvard.

Key Part of JFK-Obama Myth Not True

March 30, 2008 9:37 AM

Key Part of JFK-Obama Myth Not True

Our friend Michael Dobbs, the Fact Checker at the Washington Post, takes a look today at the claim by Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, wrapping up his existence in the hagiography of Camelot.

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