Sunday, March 30, 2008

Obamanites Playing Dirtiest of Politics, Press Joining in Attacks

What a difference two months makes. Two months ago I was enjoying the race between Clinton and Obama, prepared to vote for whichever one ended up winning the nomination of our party...all that has changed, and not just because of Obama's willingness to welcome with open arms his Bigot Preacher, Jeremiah Wright. This past week, Obamanites and some of Obama's Super Delegates are playing a very dirty political trick in an attempt to swing voters in Pa, lower the numbers by which he loses in that state.

They are coming out and saying Hillary Clinton should retire from the race, throw in her chips and go home for the good of the party...FUCK THAT SHIT, to hell with that Good Old Boys pig headed play. OK Little Woman, you have shown us you can play with the big boys, now go pack your bags, we are going to give the nod to a man, and a Black Man at that...GET IT, we don't WANT A WOMAN in the White House, especially a mean spirited bitch like you.

HORSE is a clue...give Hillary the two states she won (Michigan and Florida) and watch her clean Obama's clock in Pennsylvania and Obama is the one that is TOAST, burnt toast at that. Hillary has carried key states that we MUST WIN to win the White House, while Obama built up ground troops in states we know are going to go red in November. Further, if the Democrats did as they should, did as the Republicans do and have a WINNER TAKE ALL primary, Obama would ALSO BE TOAST...he is a paper tiger that is starting to get crumpled around the edges.

The Jeremiah Wright me, the Republicans are going to RUN WITH THAT ONE in the fall elections, and you know what...this Democrat is going to be there helping them along, putting up Dump Obama political blogs, and piecing together You Tube videos showing the world the truth right along with them. It will not take very many of us...say a few hundred, tossing up blogs and You Tube videos to take him down, cull the herd. The Lou Dobbs and political pundits of the world may think they can heal this RIFT in the are going to be SO make Obama the Candidate of the Democratic Party, and a good portion of the Clinton half of the party will fact, I would support her running as an independent. What the media is doing is are giving rise to a false story in the hopes that Pennsylvania voters (some of them) will buy into the story that Hillary is through and should resign for the good of the party.

By the way Obama, show some MAN BALLS and put up an agenda for this RACE TALK you say you want to have you pansy ass. You give one NOT SO GREAT speech, and then run away without putting up an agenda...what a pansy.

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