Sunday, March 23, 2008

Whiner's in Obama Campaign Challenge Media To Elevate Discussion

Obama has now challenged the media to elevate the discussion, is accusing them of being focused on the hate filled words of Jeremiah Wright, the poor choice of words used by both himself and his wife, rather than having a talk about racism wherein White people are educated about the pain of the Black people. One of his senior staffers was just on one of the Sunday Morning news shows saying it is wrong that we are so uneducated about the Black Church Experience, should be more tolerant of such sermons, are wrong for taking the Reverend Wright's statements out of content.
The gist of all this, is that the talk should be elevated away from the remarks, and focused on educating White people about the Black Experience, educating White people about the Black Church Experience. In short, seems Obama's vision of a discussion about race is first and foremost not to have him, or Reverend Wright's remarks included in it, and secondly, should primarily revolve around educating White's. That is NOT A DISCUSSION, that is a LECTURE.

There is NO NEED to hold a one sided conversation here in America. If, as Obama has called for, we are going to have a long overdue conversation on issues of race, prejudice and find a roadmap to a new United tomorrow, it is imperiative that all sides be heard, all sides held to the same standards in bringing the ugly truth out onto the coffee table of American households. Everyone knows that the Jeremiah Wright incident would have toppled a White politician, ended his or her career, yet where Obama is concerned, we seem to have a serious double standard, those who attack him, suggest he resign accused of being racists. Where is fairness in that double standard?

The Obama-Wright situation is not the only political scandal wherein we can see this double standard in play. Elliot Spitzer was run out of office for having an affair with a hooker, or more than one. Yet, his Black replacement for the highest office in the state of New York came before the camera's and admitted not just one affair, but numerous affairs including a threesome. Instead of being run out of office on a rail, he is being referred to by the newspapers as Governor Stud referring to his sexual prowess. In Detroit we have another Black mayor (Kilpatrick) guilty of sexual indiscretions who is playing the race card against those who are calling for his resignation from office. Give me a break, they have the text messages.

Equal rights and equality mean we treat all people regardless of color the same, have an ethical standard that all people are held too...yet, in politics as in life, it appears on the surface that Blacks expect to be held to a different standard, be given if you will a free pass for thier own indiscretions, their own wrongs. the second someone calls for their resignation, the race card gets played, whites are accused of being on a witch hunt to bring down a black man.

We can all agree that the discussion on race has to be held...but let us not limit one sides ability to be involved in that discussion, to air our own anger at a situation boiling and churning just below the surface of our society. If the Black community is allowed to call for the resignation of a politician for uttering a wrong word or phrase, then that same standard MUST BE UPHELD when a Black politician or those he is closely assoiciated with use racially charged hate speech against the White community. Hate speech is hate speech regardless of who spoke it, and if Wright's comments would have ended the career of a White politician, then it is only fair Obama's career be ended as well, isn't it?

Since Obama wants to elevate the conversation, since his staffers are out on the airwaves dictating terms of the discussion, thought it wise to find out what others feel should be on the table during this discussion about race. I'll start with my own list:

1. End to double standards. This includes such things as use of ugly words on all sides. The *N* word should not be used, but neither should Whitey, Honky, Hillbilly, Gringo and any other derogatory slang used to demean any segment of our society, including White people.

2. End reverse discrimination. You cannot ask people to set aside their discrimination or percieved discrimination while you yourself hold on to your own. Further, stop trying to make me feel guilty for the sins of my forebears. I heard a Black Political Pundit throw out a term the other day. Post Slavery Traumatic Disorder (PSTD) in justifying the Black Communities anger, in justifying their sense of entitlement. Not buying into that, am tired of being made to feel as if I owe you something, should make sacrifices in attaining my own American Dream to pay for sins I had nothing to do with.

3. End Affirmative Action wherein someone/any one recieves an advanatage based purely on their race, creed or sexual orientation. Let the best qualified man or woman have that job, or that spot on a college campus. Eliminate all financial aid and scholorships that are based on race. Stop all loans and government set asides for minority owned businesses...why should someone get special access to low interest business loans based on the color of their skin, or put another way, why should someone with a good business idea be denied funding because they are the wrong color. Some will want to deny it, but if there were a Small Business Loan program for disadvantaged White Men, set asides in government contracts for White Men, several factions in this nation would cry foul. (Women and almost all minorities included.)

4. Equity must be restored to our federal government when it comes to revitalization...there is far more spent on urban revitalization programs, while little attention is given to rural revitalization. What makes a blighted urban area more important than a blighted rural area?

5. Eliminate disparity in school funding by creating a National School Tax based on the number of children you have, instead of local school funding through property taxes. This singular act alone would eliminate the disparity in the quality of education, but is fought against by wealthy communities because they like having the BEST SCHOOLS for their pampered and priviledged children. People with large families like schools funded through property taxes, as it gives them a bargain priced education for their example, my wife and I with no children pay the exact same property taxes as three houses on our block that have 14 children between them.

Lets have the talk, but do it in a way that gives ALL PARTIES a voice in the discussion.

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