Friday, March 28, 2008

Rice Weights in On Race-Says We As Nation Have a Birth Defect

Another PROUD Obama Supporter Indicted in Detroit-This man wrongfully ruined the career of three police officers to HIDE HIS AFFAIR.
Dissappointing Secretary of State Condi Rice, one of the Bush croonies decided to weigh in on the race issue today, stating we as a nation are still troubled by a Birth Defect. So, we have Obama defending and embracing a racist Black preacher in Jeremiah Wright, and Secretary of State Condi Rice beating the reparations drum by claiming our nation is suffering from a birth defect going back to the founding of our nation.

Get OVER IT ALREADY. Staring with my generation and moving forward, two generations of White's have been the victims of reverse discrimination in the name of Affirmative Action. Blacks and other minorities given priority status by mere virtue of the color of their skin. Almost 40 years later, those of us who committed NO SINS, did not enslave one soul have paid enough of a price in the name of leveling the playing field.

The time has come for blacks to stop demanding super rights, and a double standard where they are allowed to hold on to and feed their own racist hatred of Whites. Equal rights for all does not mean you give someone a benefit when applying to college or for a job just because they are the right color, or the right sex. Equal rights means everyone is held to the same standard. Obama said, "Typical white person" in explaining his Grandmother's fears. We all know if Senator Clinton had said, "Typical black person" her run for the presidency would be over. If it had come to light that she had sat in the church pews listening to a White Supremist preacher for 20 years, her political career would be why a different standard for Senator Obama?

Lets have the race talk, but lets let ALL SIDES have a voice. Obama talked about Black Anger, and white, we are no longer resentful, we are angry at reverse discrimination, sick and tired of not getting a job, or a seat in a college classroom of our choice because of the color of our skin. We are tired of the United Negro College Fund because we know the Black Community would be up in arms if we started a United White College Fund. We had no problems stopping use of the *N* word, even shunned those who continued its use, but Blacks still refer to us as Honkies or they think those terms are LESS OFFENSIVE TO US than the *N* word is to them?

Obama gave a speech...BIG DEAL, where is HIS FOLLOW UP?

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