Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pre Obama Speech Question for Everyone

On both CNN and FOX they have shown Obama at a news conference wherein he pushed off until tomorrow questions on the Jeremiah Wright situation, making two points.

1. He feels the press caricature of Jeremiah Wright is UNFAIR, and he hopes to change that, to DEFEND the man's character.

2. He feels the Black Community sees the situation, and Jeremiah Wright's statements far differently than the rest of us do, and he hopes to share with us how they see it (the statements), and the situations spoken about in Jeremiah Wright's hate speech.

So here is my question...if Obama has positioned himself as EVERYONE's candidate, rather than planning to chastise the rest of America by PREACHING DOWN TO US, as if we are the ones who are wrong in this mess, shouldn't he be speaking to the Black Community, explaining to them why Reverend Wright's bigoted, racist hate speech was and is so wrong?

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