Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Are CNN and Anderson Cooper Trying To Throw Election to Obama?

As a news junkie, I watch a lot of news, and have had my suspicions for some time now that CNN is deliberately skewing the Democratic Coverage to steer the nomination to Senator Obama. Watching their coverage after Obama's pathetic speech yesterday, I am now convinced that CNN and Anderson Cooper are strongly in the Obama Camp, perhaps placing such a bet to curry favor in the White House should he win. Instead of pitching Obama softballs, instead of passing over the hard questions...such as questioning/grilling Obama on his wife's $200,000 a year raise almost the second her husband became a Senator...lets have a real vetting of Obama. Instead of bringing in a bunch of Obama FRIENDLY supporters to review his speech, lets discuss it honestly...not one of the CNN shows brought up the fact that Obama yesterday admitted he lied to us without actually saying it, but DID NOT APOLOGIZE for lying. By the way Jack Cafferty, I include you in this accusation. For the record, Jeffrey Toobin is a pompous ass.

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