Monday, March 24, 2008

If Obama Democratic Choice, It Is Time To Boycott Fall Election

The big worry for Republicans was that their base would stay home this fall, simply not vote as way of protest. No one gave Senator McCain or any other candidate any realistic chance of winning the White House...Senator Obama, his close ties to a racist church and pastor have changed that. In a race that was ours to lose, the Democratic Party is finding a way to snatch defeat from the hands of Victory. Obama could have stood for something by standing up against hate speech, but instead he choose to stand with his Black Community, his Black Church, and a racist, bigoted preacher who has spewed hate speech from the pulpit. In that singular act, he has destroyed his chances to win in the General Election.

Which begs the question, is it time for many of us in the Democratic Party to stay home this fall, boycott a wrong choice? That is a choice each of us will have to make, but one I have made. If Obama recieves the Democratic Nomination, I will not vote for him, will employ my blogging skills to keep him out of the White House. His "typical white person" remark was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back, cemented my decision NOT TO BACK HIM, even if it means giving the Republicans four more years. Another deciding factor...his opposition of Michigan's rightful attempt to end Affirmative Action coupled with his refusal to let Michigan hold a new primary. A month ago I was one of those people content to support either of the two major candidates in the fall...not any more.

If the Democratic National Committee, the super delegates want to win the White House, there is only one logical choice, and that choice is Hillary Clinton. Any other choice will see a massive boycott of the fall election process, and I will be one of those voters not supporting the Democratic ticket.

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