Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Governor Paterson Has A Monica Size Scandal Brewing

According to the NY Post, our New York Governor David Paterson has told a little white lie, wasn’t candid about all his romantic trysts. Paterson did admit that both he and his wife had torid sexual affairs during a rough patch in their marriage. He may have made a false claim in stating no abuse of his governmental powers were used, no government funds, no favors were handed out, and that nothing of the sort has happened in over a year. With his wife (is a woman having an affair a slut herself) by his side, Paterson said all of this the day of his inauguration, to prevent a scandal from coming up and tarnishing his stint as Governor of New York. HOLD THE PHONE..Olympic gold medal winner Diane Dixon, claims she recently had a romantic affair with David Paterson, and that he helped get her job with the Department of Education in New York. Here is where the Monica comes in, where Dixon shows just what a trollop she really is. Dixon, conveniently taped these conversations, shows that she might have looked to blackmail Paterson to get something that she wanted. All together now...THAT WHORE! Her My Space page.

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