Monday, March 24, 2008

Wright Victim of Lynching! So Says Obama's Church Minister!

Holy MOLY, Easter Sunday at Trinity Church of Christ, and Otis Moss III is all full of piss and vinegar, delivers a SCATHING race baiting sermon accusing the media of LYNCHING the dear Reverend Wright. Hate spewing Reverend Wright's replacement let America hear that BLACK ANGER he admits exists, compared Reverend Wright to Jesus, stating he faces the same kind of challenges, and continued on, stating "No one should end their ministry with lynching" race baiting there now is there?

From FOX:

In Easter Sermon, New Obama Pastor Charges Rev. Wright Victim of
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Will be interesting to see what Obama has to say about this most recent episode of reverse racism, listen as he explains how the press coverage of the event amounted to a LYNCHING! I really want to hear Obama defend his remaining with the church under a SECOND RACIST MINISTER...I know, we don't understand the Black Church experience? In the meantime, Political Dirt encourages all Americans to begin the discussion by contacting the Trinity United Church of Christ with your views on this latest sermon (hate speech).



Before the Democratic Party and Obama try to distant themselves, you might want to visit this Democratic Website where you can watch Otis do his THANG.
Some links and mini articles on Otis Moss III
Yesterday, Dr. Rev. Otis Moss, III spoke in Washington, DC in honor of Black History Month. The event, a joint production of the Democratic National Committee's American Majority Partnership and Faith In Action team was entitled "Engaging a New Generation of Prophetic Leadership." It was a truly a remarkable speech that discussed the intergenerational dynamics of political activism within the Black Church Community. Reverend Moss spoke with great passion about the challenges facing the faith community in the years ahead as politics and time change circumstances. You can watch the video below, about 50 minutes in its entirety, and completely engaging.

Rev. Moss is quite the orator. Go check him out.

His Sermons on MP3

Barack brings a vision born outside of the historical emotional trappings of “slavery in American and Jim Crow lynchings”.

Otis Moss III: Rooted in Africa and Christianity

Senator Barack Obama is a longtime member of Trinity United Church of Christ (UCC) in Chicago. The church describes itself as "unashamedly Black and unapologetically Christian" and embraces what it calls an "Africentric" theology. Over the past year, Trinity UCC and its pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, have come under fire from conservative bloggers and pundits. Wright is retiring and Rev. Otis Moss III is assuming his pastoral duties. Moss responds to the barrage of criticism his church has faced and says it won't affect his ministry.

Also read or watch Obama Religion Questions

Rev. Otis Moss III

Otis%20Moss%20III.jpgNamed by the African American Pulpit Journal as one of “20 to watch” ministers who will shape the future of the African American Church, Rev. Otis Moss, III, seems to be doing just that. Presidential candidate Barack Obama is a member of his congregation and Oprah Winfrey has attended his church. But Rev. Moss, pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, sees all parishioners as vital and is championing an intergenerational ministry. In this conversation with the Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, director of religion at Chautauqua, Otis Moss talks candidly about family tragedies, the influence he felt from his father, famed civil-rights leader Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, Jr., and of his parents’ friendship with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Download MP3 > 19:30 > 4.68 MB
Mahalo link has a lot of good stuff on it.

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