Friday, March 28, 2008

Democratic Chieftains Trying to Throw Obama The Nomination

I've stated in numerous places that I was of a mind to support whichever of the Democratic candidates that won, be it Clinton or Obama. That is no longer so, I will either sit out the election, or vote for McCain if Obama is made the standard bearer of the Democratic Party. First, is the whole bigoted racist Jeremiah Wright case. Simply stated, Obama is a LIAR...he knew 20 years ago that Reverend Wright was a racist, made controversial race baiting statements, but Obama chose to be involved with him and his church anyway.

Secondly, have not appreciated certain Super Delegates and Dean trying to force Hillary Clinton to step aside for the good of the this election about what is good for the Democratic Party, or what is good for Democracy? Let us be honest here...if Florida and Michigan were counted, or granted a revote Hillary after winning Pennsylvania would be leading in citizen vote, and the delegate count. The DNC knowns this, which is why they are wanting to seat the delegates from Florida and Michigan 50/50, or devalue their vote to half a vote each so that Obama can hold onto a very tenuous lead, most of it built in red states.

I helped get a Democratic Congressman (Freshman) elected in 2006, and I will make a few predictions here, as I think Lou Dobbs and other pundits are wrong in discounting the protest vote, wrong in underestimating how many of us will stay home.

1. If Obama, supporter of reverse racism, who embraces and loves a bigot preacher is selected as the Democratic Candidate, it will split the party right in half,

2. If Obama is chosen as the Democratic Standard bearer to march against John McCain, he will LOSE to John McCain, and as a result, the Democrats will end up losing their majorities in both the House and Senate in the next election.

Obama is more than DAMAGED GOODS, and has shown his true racist self for those that care to do their homework. The DNC needs to let this all play out, and if the Super Delegates have any sense at all, they'll make Clinton the standard bearer for the fall election...fact of the matter is simple....come this fall, most of that young following that is creating the BUZZ for Obama will be on to something new and fresh.

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