Saturday, March 22, 2008

Did Obama Campaign Deliberately Create Passport Scandal?

In yet another very ODD set of circumstances, it seems that an insider in the Obama campaign is intimately involved in the passport scandal that swept the Jeremiah Wright story off the front page.

John O. Brennan is president and CEO of Analysis Corporation, and also advises Senator Obama on intelligence and foreign policy matters. He donated $2,300 to Obama in January. This executive just happens to be a former member of the CIA (SPOOKS), and it is his employees that just happened to sneak a peak at Obama’s passport files. Brennan had briefed the media on behalf of the Obama campaign earlier this month.

Does not take a big stretch to believe that John O. Brennan, advisor to Obama, former member of the CIA, holding a contract that gave his company access to Obama’s file decided to provide the campaign an ace in the hole scandal for a rainy day…such as the Jeremiah Wright story that was quickly derailing his run for the presidency.

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