Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama, Our Next White President-Why Not?

Obama can identify with his Blackness all he wants, attend the Trinity Church of Christ, and it does not change a very real reality...He is as much White as he is Black, is just as much our next White President as he is our next Black president. Perhaps to show he really is above race, he should stop self identifying as Black, and begin self Identifying as White...after all, if we are all equal, if we need to put away our hatreds, then why can't he be White part of the time, and Black part of the time? If Obama is half White, why is it that the Black Community gets to claim him as their own? Wasn't it the Black Community that was originally claiming he was not Black Enough? If he were suddenly embracing his White side, would they suddenly stop supportinng him in the fashion they have been supporting him, and if so what does that say about their own communities prejudices?

Just think in fairness to all Americans we should share Obama...the Black Community can have him on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, the White Community can have him on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with him alternating on Sundays between a White Church, and a Black Church. This way, all citizens of America can feel comfortable with the fact that he understands the White Church just as much as he claims to understand the Black Church. We can believe he truly understands the White pain as much as he understands the Black pain.

Don't see why such an arrangement could not work, that is unless the Black Community were afraid such an arrangement would risk Obama being disloyal to his Black Community. Is there any reason they would not trust a White Obama for President, after all, he would still be the same Obama...right?

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