Sunday, March 23, 2008

BREAKING NEWS...American Death Toll Hits 4000

Just in from CNN...a bomb has claimed the lives of four American soldiers, bringing the death toll in President Bush's wrong sighted Iraq War to 4,000. More details as they become available. There is a bittersweet justice in the number 4,000 being reached on Easter...this blog asks all readers to pray for those troops that are wrongfully being kept in harms way in Iraq.

Updates-Soldiers were killed this morning in a roadside bombing, another IED attack on our troops. Today has been one of the MOST VIOLENT since the surge started as insurgents attacked at will throughout Iraq.

Michael Ware reports from Iraq that this mile marker is devastating, especially coming just after America marks the five year Anniversary of Bush's wrong war. His take is that our troops have to be demoralized with the fact there is NO END IN SIGHT in this war. He classifies this mile marker as a "Chilling Moment". He went on further to state that the number of Iraqi deaths is conservatively 80-100,000 with another 4 million Iraqi's displaced.

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