Friday, March 28, 2008

Does the Press Want Obama To Win, or Afraid of The Race Issue? Obama is a LIAR.

Have The Democrats Become Obama Sheep, Like Evangelicals Were Bush's Sheep being Led To Slaughter?
First, let us be clear...Obama KNEW about Reverend Wrights bigoted, racist remarks. He even warned Obama way back almost 20 years ago when Obama wanted to join the church. He told Obama he was controversial, and if Obama was planning a political career it could cause problems for him. Simply stated, Obama is lying, will lie on the view when he tries to claim IGNORANCE. So, poor judgement, a liar, and someone that has no problems communing with a Black Bigot.

Yet, the press refuses to really go after Obama, or for that matter Jeremiah Wright. They have been very careful NOT TO LABEL Jeremiah Wright himself a racist. Further, they always preface their comments on Obama with things like, "Is it really fair to expect him to know everything his preacher said" as if they either A) want Obama to win the White House, or B) are afraid of treading in the deep waters of BLACK PREJUDICE against White people. Either way, they are doing a disservice to America.

Today on The View, Obama will again lie to America when he states, "I'm not vetting my minister."

Election Central raises the question, "Did he know?" Give me a break, I am not a reporter, and have found PLENTY of PROOF that Obama knew...I just find it said that the press does have the balls to go after the story, endorses a double standard wherein Black Prejudice is acceptable, but White Prejudice is not.

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