Sunday, March 23, 2008

Disagreeing on Obama Speech

Just finished reading a post by Chris Durango over on the Huffington Post that I completely disagree with. His take on Obama's speech completely different than mine. He states right out the following:

The Reverend Wright homilies were very disturbing, no question.

I thought Barack Obama's speech, which finished just minutes ago, was brilliant, nuanced, healing and shows him to be incredibly worthy as a candidate. I hope America is interested enough in progress to embrace this man. We would be lucky, very lucky, to have him as a president. If you didn't see the speech, please seek it out.

It surprises me that two people could read totally different things from Obama's speech, come to two different conclusions. The events leading up to the speech, the speech itself, coupled with Obama's "Typical white person" comment later in the week have convinced me that Obama is a closet racist, has no business whatsoever leading America as our next President.

First, Obama was VERY CAREFUL not to label Jeremiah Wright's words for what they are, hate speech. Next, in the days since his supposedly great speech, other than his racist comment, "typical white person", despite a full hour on Larry King, Obama has failed to lay out a menu for this talk he wants to have, but instead has suggested to America that White's need to listen, and Blacks need to be given a platform for their grievances. He has failed to call for an end to the double standards and reverse discrimination that is Affirmative Action, failed to state clearly and distinctly that it is time for black people to end their own prejudice.

As a liberal thinking person who supports equal rights, freedom of choice, gay marriage and most every other agenda of the Democratic Party, I have no interest in a one way conversation, no interest in a man that refuses to rebuke someone that clearly spoke hate speech in his presense. Obama needs to decide which is more important...his converation with America about this issue, or preserving his reputation and standing in the Black Community. He cannot play moderator of this debate, this discussion, while at the same time trying to apease his own community in the hopes of preserving his Black Voting Block.

If Democrats hand the Presidential Candidacy to Obama, we will have effectively given the White House over to John McCain and a third Bush term.

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