Monday, March 24, 2008

Will Obama White House Be Off Limits to Whites?

The big news heading into the Easter Weekend was New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s endorsement of Senator Obama. While accusations flew back and forth, while Richardson was accused of being Judas (isn’t he?), the pundits seem to have missed a very key issue and question that must be raised. Was Richardson’s endorsement a sign that the Obama White House will be open to Latino’s and Blacks, and closed to White citizens? I can already hear the gnashing of teeth, and chants of heretic as I write that question, but it is a serious question that must be asked.

We already know that Senator Obama supports a pathway to citizenship for 15-20 million criminal illegal aliens already here in America, that Obama shows little concern about the reality that those illegal aliens have stolen American jobs. Sure, he paid lip service to that reality in his Race Speech last week, but like the man, the speech is high on hyperbole, and low on real solutions, lacking even an agenda for that TALK he says America needs to have…in fact, rather than put forth an agenda for that talk, he ran off on a family vacation just in time to give himself culpable deniability when it comes to Otis Moss III’s race baiting comments from the pulpit on Sunday.

Obama has done horribly when it comes to the Latino community, would not be where he is right now if it were not for the overwhelming support (80-90 percent) of his Black Community. Governor Richardson’s endorsement could change all that in the General Election, and not stupid enough here to believe that Bill Richardson did not attach strings (conditions) to his endorsement should Obama win the White House, first on that list AMNESTY, and a National DREAM ACT.

It is rather odd that Obama is calling on Super Delegates to support the voice of the popular vote, but has no problems with Governor Bill Richardson going against the popular vote in New Mexico and casting his endorsement Obama’s way…another one of those double standards that many in the Black Community see no problem with. This contradiction should not be missed by the American voter…despite Obama’s glowing media reviews of his Race Speech; his words do not match his actions.

He opposed the Michigan law that eliminated Affirmative Action in that state, made it illegal to give anyone an advantage or disadvantage based on race, creed or sexual orientation. Further, Obama is supportive of the DREAM Act, which would give children of illegal aliens a instant pathway to citizenship, and allow them to attend college at In-State Tuition, while legal Americans attending college from out of state would have to pay higher out of state fees. Governor Richardson also supports this controversial bill that advantages illegal aliens and their families, and like Obama supports maintaining Affirmative Action.

Looking at Bill Richardson’s endorsement of Obama, looking at Obama’s refusal to label Jeremiah Wright’s hate speech for what it is, evaluating both of these politicians stand on Illegal Aliens, we must ask ourselves, “Would a Obama White House exclude Whites?”

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