Sunday, March 23, 2008

Why Democrats Cannot Pick Obama

For those Democrats failing to grasp the severity of the sordid Jeremiah Wright debackle, I share this from a Republican blog. With this kind of a post this early, trust me, the Republicans are now licking their chops at the thought of taking on Senator Obama in the fall.

Rachel Lucas, supergenius:

You want equality, then take it, on all levels.

That means when Obama uses the phrase “typical white person”, he deserves to have his figurative ass kicked just like Whitey’s figurative ass would be kicked for saying “typical black person”. It means Reverend Wright is an asshole of a racist just like David Duke. Play fair or don’t play at all.

Blogging was a lesser phenomenon when she quit, and it is better for her return. Read the whole thing.

Bottom line: Obama intentionally used the phrase, and it is racist...or racially charged, at the very least. It would never be acceptable for me to use in in reference to him, therefore it should never be acceptable for him to use it in reference to me. Or anyone else.

Obama will not heal us or unite us or make us better people. He’s just another kind of “shut up and get in line” politician looking to shame people into letting him have power for a little while.

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