Monday, June 2, 2008

Hillary SHOULD NOT Bow Out Gracefully

Obama Does NOT DESERVE The Presidency! Either Write In a Vote For Hillary, Or Vote For McCain!
I like Jack Cafferty, but he has shown his ANTI Hillary bias for months now, and continues it again with his article today asking if she will bow out gracefully...well Jack, Hillary SHOULD NOT bow out gracefully, and in fact should take this RIGHT TO THE FLOOR of the convention.

Like it or not, the HEART of the party did not, and does not back Obama, and many of us believe he will LOSE in November. Further, many of us are SO OUTRAGED that we will either A) not vote, or B) not only vote for McCain, but work to see him elected out of short, we are prepared to send to the DNC the same message they have sent to blue collar and women voters in the party...FUCK YOU! The party wants shit, the party decided to PROTECT their Black Voting block by tossing the nomination to Obama, and in doing so will pay a HORRID price.

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