Monday, June 2, 2008

To DNC and Senator Obama-GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

DNC Throws Away White Voters To Protect BLACK VOTE, Hands Party Nomination to Obama on BLACK PLATTER.
Let's be the name of protecting their BLACK VOTE, the Democratic Party high rollers on Saturday told the heart of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton to go screw themselves, they were going to vote to hand the party's nomination to Obama in the name of party unity...well DNC, you can GO FUCK YOURSELVES! There is NOT going to be party unity, and many of us (myself included) are not going to vote for fact, there is a GOOD CHANCE we will vote for McCain just out of spite for what you have done.

The political pundits who discount our anger are going to be QUITE SURPRISED come November with the back lash from the oppressed White Voter, the oppressed female voter. Let's be honest...the DNC decided to APPLY AFFIRMATIVE ACTION to the election process, and if that is the way the DNC works, many of us WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!


Anonymous said...

Remember everone, Check your state to see if they allow write in votes because in most cases if you just write in a persons name your vote will go to Obama.

Eiter vote for John McCain in the general election or dont vote at all.

This way Obama and his corrupt DNC bitches get nothing.

SSG Carver said...

That really worked for you guys!!! Hahaha!!! I love it, and I love our NEW PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!!!!