Friday, April 4, 2008

40 Year Anniversary Of Martin Luther King Jr. Assination-Who Cares Any More

Today is the 40th Anniversary of the assination of Martin Luther King Jr. Not to sound jaded, but who cares any more? Back in 1968 I wept at his death, wept again two months later when Robert Kennedy was also assassinated. However, after 40 years of being told as a White person that I OWE BLACKS something for their forebears slavery, being told I have to accept Affirmative Action to level the playing field, I don't care any more. After hearing a Black Minister sing the Black National Anthem today before a march, I don't care any more...this is America, if you can't sing the National Anthem, then you are not patriotic, you are not American.

When I hear black ministers and pundits try to convince me today that Reverend Wrights bigoted hate speech was not hate speech, but the truth, and that the man is a prophet, I don't care any more.

Here is a wake up call...start standing up and taking responsibility for bettering your own life, stop acting as if you are somehow entitled to an extra hand up the ladder of success just because you were born black. Stopping thinking it is fair to bump someone else out of a seat at a University or College because you conveniently belong to a minority...this is 2008, and equal rights means EVERYONE regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation is treated EXACTLY THE SAME, has the same identical chance at opportunity. Stop expecting me to be totally accepting, while you practice your own form of reverse racism, and have no problems making racial jokes about white people, using terms like honkie and whitey.

I don't want to turn on my TV and listen to a black woman saying we MUST ELECT Obama as a part of fulfilling Martin Luther Kings about telling us we should elect him because he is the best qualified for the job...which by the way, he is not. We are being told by the media we are having a talk on, we are not having a talk on race, but instead are being forced to listen to a one way dialogue, black people lecturing to us, telling us where we are still falling short. With all due respect, some of you might want to look in the mirror, have no one to blame for your lack of success but yourselves.

Some will not say it, so I will...the black community's behavior this year, their in your face approach is offending many of us who were a part of the Equal Rights Movement, who supported Martin Luther King and his dream. Tell us, WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH?

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