Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Olympic Torch, Oppressive Chinese 0, Free Tibet Protestors 4

Face it, China has been embarassed around the world, the Olympics being held in China disgraced as Free Tibet protestors successfully thwart every torch event from the opening ceremony forward! In fact, the growing protests have been so successful that the International Olympic Committee is thinking of pulling the plug on the torches travels! That will be a MAJOR VICTORY for the Free Tibet and Students for a Free Tibet movement.

Meanwhile, protestors have already successfully interfered with the only USA appearance of the torch which is now on the ground in California under TIGHT SECURITY. The original route has already been greatly shortened, and security on the ground is contemplating shortening the route even futher to reduce attacks on the torch...GOOD LUCK, as we all know the second that torch goes public, ALL HELL IS GOING TO BREAK OUT.

Looking forward, certain things become obvious...Human Rights groups, all people oppressed in China realize this Olympics presents for them their moment of opportunity, and they are going to use it...look for one of the most distruptive, andd perhaps most violent opening ceremonies ever. The only way the International Olympic Committee can stop the embarrassment, put an end to the tranishing of the torch is simple...CANCEL THE CHINESE OLYMPICS in their totality.


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