Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Do Torch Protesters Need Stun Guns To Deal With Chinese BULLIES?

According to a British paper, the Chinese Torch protectors are THUGS, which raises the question, do protestors need to bring their own tasers and mace to protect themselves against these Chinese civil rights abusers? Maybe these thugs are used to beating Tibetans into submission in China, but their bruttish antics should not be tolerated in CIVILIZED society, and protestors might be well advised to TAKE protection with you if you are planning on protesting in San Francisco tomorrow, be prepared to meet unacceptable force with retaliatory efforts meant to protect yourself...amazing what a nice shot of mace will do to control a BRUTTISH THUG. Unlike China, Americans have the right to SELF PROTECTION.

Chinese torch guards are 'thugs' says British Olympic chief

By Laura Clout and agencies
Last Updated: 11:51am BST 08/04/2008

Sebastian Coe, the chairman of the London Olympic Committee, has described the Chinese officials guarding the Olympic torch as "thugs", piling more embarrassment onto the Games' organisers.

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    Olympic guards surround the Olympic torchbearer
    Guards surround the Olympic torchbearer

    Lord Coe was overheard talking about the attendants, who formed part of a huge security presence around the flame, during a private telephone conversation with a member of his press team.

    The Chinese guards, more than a dozen of whom surrounded Olympic flame during its chaotic journey through London on Sunday, are officially employed to ensure the safe handover of the torch between runners and to ensure it remains lit throughout the relay.

    But the attendants, thought to have been recruited from the security services, have been criticised for allegedly using aggressive tactics against protestors demonstrating against China's human rights abuses and the occupation of Tibet.

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