Sunday, April 6, 2008

Should Protestors Take EXTREME Measures To Douse Olympic Torch?

The Tainted Olympic Torch is winding its way through London and the UK as this blog is being written. Unsuccessful attempts have been made to extinquish the flame, put out the Olympic torch as debate about athletes participating in the Olympics rages on. They should not participate, but their personal GREED drives them to perform, human rights be damned.

I take it all a step further...all nations of the world should immediately withdraw their teams from the Olympics, boycott the summer games, deny the oppressive, manipulative Chinese Government their great coming out party. Further, I pose the questions, should human rights activists take EXTREME measures to douse the flame, including if necessary mass violence and overwhelming force?

Successfully stopping the flame would be almost as good as stopping the the future of Tibet worth such a drastic action on the part of those who normally use peaceful protest to make their point...I would say yes, that whatever force is necessary to stop the flame should be employed at every step of the journey, believe that only mass rioting on the part of mankind will get governments to take the only right action, which is boycotting of the event. Dousing the Olympic flame will be an event seen around the world, and BRING GREAT SHAME to the people of China.

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Anonymous said...

hey try to develop that idea and make it public.

"douse the olympic flame at least ONCE before it gets to china"

or along those lines.