Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chinese Americans Demanding Jack Cafferty/CNN Apology

Was over at the People's Daily, a propaganda rag for the Chinese government, and it seems that many Chinese Americans are in an outrage over Jack Cafferty's remarks, demanding that CNN apologize, threatening to sue him, claiming they have been offended. First thing I notice, they identify themselves as Chinese living abroad...if that is the case, if you are not willing to swear alligence to America, you should get the fuck out, go back to your beloved homeland as we do not want you. Secondly, this is America, we are allowed to speak our mind, and like it or not, what Jack Cafferty said was 100 percent TRUE. The Chinese Government is rife with goons, thugs and punks, and many of the products produced in China are junk, crap, garbage...suppose you idiots missed all teh RECALLS of Chinese products this past fall. You folks need to shut your whiney asses up, or go back to China. (Board Commentary posted below.)

We should put cnn and jack cafferty as chinese peoples" enemy no .

PD User at 2008-04-17 02:58:05 [Reply] IP:69.234.132.★

Enough is Enough. Jack Cafferty you just simply don"t know how much you had insulted the Chinese people.
Being an American Chinese/Chinese American nor Chinese from China/ Chinese around the world,we simply are waiting for your "Public Apology".As simple as that.
Chinese people always carry the character "REN NAI" up until to this day and will remain to carry on until you (Jack Cafferty)sincerely apologize to the Chinese people in the public via CNN. If you don"t apologize then shame on you!

PD User at 2008-04-16 16:02:53 [Reply] IP:124.82.82.★
Now that we have seen the true faces and color of the West, don"t you think we (as Chinese - whether mainland or overseas) should put our faces and heads together in-front of the "mirror" and feel a little more proud of our roots. What has names like Richard, Alvin, Evelyn, Emily, Evan, Lisa, Melissa, Tom, .......... James, Janice.. got to do with our roots?! Are we so ashamed of our looks and forefathers that we have to hide behind all the Richards and Janes??? We ain"t white, are we

PD User at 2008-04-15 02:31:27 [Reply] IP:24.136.115.★
The people in escorting the torch relay in SF maybe too defensive, but why not comment on those violent attackers. Is this fair for a newsman to make such unfair comment? He should apologize to all the Chinese people

PD User at 2008-04-13 14:12:28 [Reply] IP:96.224.100.★
Chinese americans sue Jack cafferty if CNN don't appologize chinese american and don't fire him.

PD User replied at 2008-04-16 10:10:40 IP:75.11.185.★

Jack should be sued and CNN should be sued!
Jack should be fired, and CNN should be punished acordingly! A mere apology cannot mend his barbaric actions

PD User at 2008-04-13 08:13:29 [Reply] IP:76.196.205.★
So....... They are not Americans, they have not contributed to this country. What about the black Americans,we built this country.

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