Friday, April 18, 2008

Just In-Join China Olympics Email Protest

Just in from Chinese Ass Monkey News Blog-world wide China Olympics email protest...join in and take a stand for Human Rights in Tibet.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Join The Great China Olympics Email Protest

Let the Chinese Olympics hear your voices of outrage, let them know you are upset over the human rights violations in Tibet. As China rushes to protect the torch and finish projects in time for opening the summer Olympics, protesters are working just as hard to bring attention to the nation's human rights violations, and the deplorable oppression of the Tibetan people. So far, the torch has been the primary target of these protests, and the leaves many people out of the mix as the torch is not going to be appearing anywhere near their community, they will not be in China during the Olympics. You can though get involved by contacting the Chinese Olympics, by putting thousands, even millions of email letters in their hands. For you convenience in being a participant in this Email Protest, we have listed below some of the key email addresses for the BOCOG Departments. If you have additional emails you would like added to this list, please email them to . We must be the conscient that China as a nation does not have...start emailing today.

BOCOG Departments

Project Management

Internationla Relations

Media & Communications

Construction & Environment

Legal Affairs

Audit and Supervision

Human Resources

Cultural Activities

Venua Management

Logistics No email available.

Paralympic Games

Olympic Torch Relay

Opening/Closing Events

Ticketing Center

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