Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Show of Force Verse Human Rights...Flame of Shame in San Francisco

The Flame of Shame is about to be unleashed on America, and the question is...will RIGHT WIN OUT, will Tibetan Protesters and supporters be capable of extenquishing the flame? The police are trying to use intimadation, which means to get the torch is going to take civil disobedience that could lead to a full fledged riot. Right now, I am putting my money on the protesters doing something SERIOUSLY drastic...also, look for a traitor in the ranks of Flame Carriers to give the TORCH AWAY TO TIBET.

The Flame box is now visiable...that IS THE TARGET! The first torch is lit, and the Flame of Shame is about to make its way through San Francisco...we pray for something HUGE today. Crush China, take away their MOMENT IN THE SUN! Show San Francisco's PIGS that they cannot stop right...just as they were shown the night of the Dan White Riots....SEIZE THE TORCH! IT is underway. Chicken shits are taking a route that does not take torch past crowd!

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