Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nepal Sells Out To China, and More Flame of Shame News

Nepal, the nation with no balls caved into pressure from China and arrest several hundred Tibetan Protesters...note to self, remove them from any and all charity lists. The basic skinny is that 505 Tibetan Protesters were wrongfully hauled off to jail from three separate protests around the Chinese Embassy...Nepal says it cannot allow protests against nations they are friends with.

Meanwhile, in India the torch ran a route in a BUBBLE with 15,000 military troops creating a safety bubble DEVOID OF ANY SPECTATORS as torch carriers waved to cameras and pretended all was normal...meanwhile, the torch relay was not without trouble in India as problems and government brutality broke out in other areas of the nation as a result of the tainted flame being in India...the IOC (International Olympic Committee).

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