Monday, April 7, 2008

Torch Out Third Time....Protestors Must Take The Van

Police spotted protestors at a Bridge moved the torch back into the bus, putting it out for the third time today...Protestors must come up from BEHIND as well as the front, and TAKE THE VAN if they want to turn the Free Tibet Movement into a news story that sweeps around the world...the VAN carrying the flame should now be the primary is time to put China in its place, and since our governments will not do it, the people must. In the meantime, plan ahead, as the flame is slated to be in San Francisco this coming Wednesday.

Officials put out Olympic torch 3 times

AP - 3 minutes ago

PARIS - Security officials have extinguished the Olympic torch for the third time because of raucous protests at the relay in Paris.


The Paris torch relay hit trouble almost as soon as it set off from the Eiffel Tower, and was repeatedly halted by protesters who threatened to break through the imposing security cordon thrown around the athletes carrying the flame.

The torch had to be extinguished because of a technical problem, French police said. A Chinese official was quoted by Xinhua news agency as saying it was put out for safety reasons.

"Boycott Chinese goods" and "Save Tibet" read banners held by demonstrators.

"We are doing our best but it will take the world to put pressure on China to help bring democracy and human rights to Tibet," said Phurbu Dolker, a 21-year-old Tibetan refugee.

At least 23 people were briefly detained by police, a spokesman for the Free Tibet movement said.

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