Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time to Kick Obama To The Curb For Sake of Party

Plenty of Reasons To Dump Barack Obama

The time has come for the Democrats to jettison Senator Obama, send him to the hall of failed Presidential Candidates where he can reside with the likes of John Kerry, Al Gore and Michael Stanley Dukakis, his remarks in his California Obama TANK MOMENT sealing the deal, making him unelectable in the Fall Elections. The Barack Hussein Obama wagon has pulled into the station, the fairy tale over, the truth uncovered in a fashion that the Pro Obama National Media cannot ignore, cannot simply sweep under the carpet in their incestuous Obama's "Our Man" Love Fest that has been occurring over the past 12 months.

Let's put away the fairy dust, let's stop letting some punk nose college kids beat their popularity drums into a frenzy, ignore the 90 percent support of Obama in the Black Community just because he's BLACK and look at reality on the ground, and accept some basic truths now, rather than watch Obama self destruct this fall, thus putting McCain in the White House. No longer can we accept Obama's WHOOPS, I said that wrong, or WHOOPS, I showed some poor judgement but it will not happen again dismissal of his indiscretions and poor judgements.

Let's look at some of the AMMO Obama has given the Republicans, and if you think they will not use it this fall, you are KIDDING YOURSELVES, could be considered delusional. In his latest self destruction move, Obama states:

"It's not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

How can Republicans Attack this remark, let us count the ways:

1. The story is not steeped in Radical Right Wing roots, but instead sprouted and grew out of a story in the liberal bastion, "The Huffington Post", the story broken to the media by a Obamaniac who had tapped out her own ability to donate more money to Obama. In fact, this person admitted to CNN that she sat on the story for days knowing it could WRECK Obama's Presidential Campaign.

2. The timing could not be worse for Obama, and for the Democrats...the undecided in Pennsylvania are tuning into this latest scandal, and unless CNN lobes softballs at Obama tonight, he should get SLAMMED in his appear on the Faith and Values Forum, would even be wise to be a NO SHOW. Any one want to place bets that Hillary goes for the juggler on Wednesday night during the ABC News debate, and can you blame her?

3. Obama proved the accusation that his appeal is with Latte Liberals with his own words, showed he is OUT OF TOUCH with the BASE of the Democratic Party. If you cannot connect with the base, you are not going to win MUST WIN states such as New York, Ohio, Michigan, short, all the states Obama has failed to win, cannot win.

4. Obama's line has given McCain and the Republicans a singular point of attack...Obama the snob, out of touch with the common man. It is John Kerry on his wind board all over again.

5. It gives people an out who did not want to vote for Obama, but also did not want to be made victim of THE RACE CARD. Come on, WAKE UP...for months now the Al Sharpton's and Jessie Jackson's of the political arena have all but stated, "Vote for Obama or you are a racist" to the super delegates. Well, Obama just gave all of them THEIR OUT, eliminated the Black Communities ability to hold the BIGOT CARD over our collective heads.

6. Obama's remarks will have alienated two of the most important voting blocks in America, the Gun Owners (2nd Amendment) and Religious Folks. How many Americans own guns because they collect them, own guns because they HUNT? How many people believe in God out of faith in a Superior Being, rather than out of a desperate need to have something in their life to cling to.

We can all see the commercials now, know the line of attack that is coming if we as Democrats are stupid enough to give the Democratic nod to Obama, and there is more, and we all know it. Do you think the Republicans are not going to run with Michelle Obama's "This is the first time I've been proud of America" comment? Marry that to her comment about MEN BEING ACCESSORIES, and you can pretty much count out the White Male vote in the fall elections. Lets not forget the entire Jeremiah Wright scandal, and Obama's steadfast refusal to rebuke the we really believe the Republicans are not going to attack Obama's TWENTY YEAR relationship with this BLACK BIGOT, and that is what the man is, no matter how the Black Community might want to present/portray him. Reverse Racism is real, and Jeremiah Wright and Senator Obama brought it right into America's living room for every one to see and witness, and in refusing to rebuke the man, Obama embraced and approved of it.

Unfortunately, there is more dirt just waiting in the Republican AMMO pile ready to lobe at Obama in the fall election. We have the whole Rezco house scandal, and trust me, there is a reason why the case being handled by a Republican is taking so long to move forward...they want to make sure Obama is the Democratic nominee before they hang him and the party out to dry. Then we have the almost $200,000 in donations from Michelle Obama's boss, and the convenient timing of her $200,000 raise! We have Obama's COCAINE usage, and his penchant for smoking pot as a young college man...once a pothead always a pot head, and is Obama willing to accept random drug testing as a part of his presidency? The icing on the cake...everything about Obama's position on Illegal Aliens is wrong, and come the General Election, he will be hung out to dry for his position on Illegal Aliens...Americans do not support health care for illegal's, prevailing wages for illegal aliens, social services for illegal aliens, Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, and a more liberal Guest Worker Program.

The time has come to KICK OBAMA TO THE CURB.

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