Monday, April 7, 2008

China Shamed In World's Eyes-Torch Out In France!

China SHAMED IN WORLDS EYES....breaking news, TORCH OUT IN FRANCE. Details so far:

Amid fears of massive protests, officials have doused the Olympic Torch, and placed it on a bus to move it through Paris...It's a freaking start, and China's shining moment in the sun is rapidly turning into a birds eye view of its backward ways and oppression of human rights...FREE TIBET.

(CNN) -- The Olympic torch has been extinguished by officials and put on a bus during the Paris leg of its relay amid anti-China protests, The Associated Press has reported. The incident came one day after anti-Chinese demonstrators made its journey through London more like running the gauntlet than a journey of celebration.

An anti-China protester is restrained by French police before Monday's Olympic torch relay begins in Paris.

Thousands of French police are on duty to protect the Olympic torch after it departed from the Eiffel Tower at around 1030 GMT (0630 ET). It is then due to be carried through the boulevards of the French capital amid threats of protests.

Extremely tight security, however, could not stop determined human-rights activists in London Sunday from disrupting the torch relay several times, with UK police making more than two dozen arrests.

Paris police have conceived a security plan to keep the torch in a safe "bubble," during its 17-mile (28 km) journey, with a multi-layered protective force to surround the torch as it moves along the route.

French torchbearers will be encircled by several hundred officers, some in riot police vehicles and on motorcycles, others on rollerblades and on foot. Chinese torch escorts will immediately surround the torchbearer, with Paris police on rollerblades moving around them. French firefighters in jogging shoes will encircle the officers on rollerblades while motorcycle police will form the outer layer of security. What do you think of protests at the Olympic torch relay?

The relay route in Paris is also significantly shorter than in London Sunday. Meanwhile, video on yesterdays almost successful attempt to put out the torch.

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