Thursday, April 10, 2008

China's Toilet Torch Heading To Trouble in Buenos Aires

Argentine activists are planning some surprise actions in Buenos Aires when the Olympic toilet torch (it is in the SHITTER) passes through there on Friday. No one really wants the soiled flame, but China insists on it, threatening TRADE SANCTIONS on those nations that EMBARASS IT! Noble Organizers supporting Tibetan Freedom told a news conference they would not try to snuff out the torch's flame, as demonstrators had in Paris and London, but don't count on that...sure there are some splinter groups that have their own actions planned for the Flame of Shame when it arrives.

"I want to announce that we will not put out the Olympic torch," said pro-Tibet activist Jorge Carcavallo. "We'll be carrying out surprise actions throughout the city of Buenos Aires, but all of these will be peaceful."

The trick right now is to find out what the ROUTING is for the Flame of Shame, as the Tibetan Torch Relay moves through Buenos Aires...meanwhile, are various nations demanding the Flame Keepers, better known as the Thugs in the Blue Sweats stay home?

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