Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jason Rae Not The Wide Eyed Super Delegate He Pretended to Be?

We have all seen Jason Rae on CNN playing the part of the awed Super Delegate getting all this attention from notable politicians, claiming he'd not yet made up his mind, blah, blah and blah. He was the face of innocence trotted out by the back room boys to put a friendly face on Super Delegates picking the Democratic Candidate. Then he threw his support behind Obama with a host of platitudes on February 21st, 2008...isn't that sweet, the young man from Wisconsin ending all the suspense, picking the candidate of his choice and getting a blogging opportunity with CNN in the deal!

This evening I saw this young wet behind the ears man cautioning Former Governor Dean and started doing some research...seems this young man is FAR MORE PLUGGED into the Democratic Machine than he really lets on, even has a vested interest in seeing DNC rules upheld, seeing as he is one of the people that voted to limit the number of early primaries to four, completely endorses the Democratic National Committees right to play the part of Adolph Hitler dictating WHEN states can hold thier primaries. In a letter to his own base Jason writes:

One of the most important items on today’s agenda was the passage of the DNC’s Delegate Selection Rules. The major portion of the Selection Rules was the revision to the Presidential Nominating Calendar. After almost two years of hearings, reports,and debates, the Democratic National Committee voted today to add another caucus and primary to the pre-window period. What this effectively means is that Iowa will be the first-in-the-nation caucus with their event on January 14, 2008. Next is where the big change falls. Instead of being immediately followed by New Hampshire, Iowa will be followed by Nevada. Nevada will hold their caucus on January 19, 2008 with New Hampshire holding the first-in-the-nation primary on January 22. South Carolina will follow with a primary on January 29. The "window" for other states to hold their nominating events will begin on February 5, 2008.

So why did we bother to add Nevada and South Carolina early? The reason is quite simple, I believe. We needed to make the nominating process more reflective of the population of the United States. While I greatly respect the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire, I do not believe that those two states are representative of the demographics of the rest of the country. By having two very diverse states, one in the west and one in the south, we will be able to select a nominee that will appeal to a true cross-section of America. I was proud to vote for this change to the nominating calendar. Despite the objection of several elected officials and DNC members, the change passed overwhelmingly.

His choosing Obama now makes PERFECT SENSE...Obama is towing the DNC line, embraces the concept that dirt bags smoking cigars in back rooms should decide when we as citizens can vote, when we can schedule our own STATE short, Jason has carefully positioned himself to be one of the few controlling the many, and is going to oppose anything that would return voting rights to the individual states, rather than being controlled by the DNC...God forbid the DNC and RNC lose so much power that a third party actually becomes a VIABLE OPTION. Wonder how long before Jason starts collecting big bucks as a lobbyist or big time fund raiser for the DNC? Or does he have plans to start up a little company that suddenly gets tens of millions in no bid contracts somewhat like the "Lincoln Group" after Bush took office?

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