Monday, April 14, 2008

Roland Martin Wrong in Defending Elitist Barrack Obama

Roland Martin is to Barack Obama what Sean Hannity is to George Bush, and the Radical Right Republican Agenda, has for months been doing anything in his power to beat the Obama drum, defending him at every turn in the Primary...problem is, Obama has STEPPED OVER THE LINE once to often, and Roland Martin seems to have no clue in his blind belief in the man...pity. I'd always thought he was intelligent enough, and open minded enough to speak truth when truth needed to be spoken, call on Obama to issue a public apology to an offended people, but instead he is showing himself blinded by his investment in Obama's election.

On CNN he articulately explains why calling Obama *boy* was wrong, regardless of the innocent intent of the speaker, but refuses to hold Obama to the same moral/ethical standards, refuses to call him on the carpet for his own WRONGS. It's OK for Obama to insult White people, then ask for a Mulligan? Tell us Roland, how many Mulligan's do you feel Obama should be entitled to? It was the same when Otis Moss III accused the press of lynching Jeremiah Wright, yet when a white sportscaster used the word lynching jokingly in a discussion on Tiger Woods there was Al Sharpton calling for her resignation...come on, enough of the double standards. The sportscaster chose the wrong words, instantly recognized the error of her ways and apologized to Tiger Woods, but that was NOT GOOD ENOUGH...well, if that apology was not good enough, should we not hold Barack Obama to that exact standard?

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