Saturday, April 12, 2008

Contrary To Lies, Obama Sucking Corporate Lobbyist Dick Like Rest Of Washington, DC

My Hospital has donated $183,000 to my husband, and GAVE ME A $200,000 RAISE when he became SENATOR! That FACT makes me proud of my COUNTRY.
Obama Has His NOSE up Ass Of Major Lobbyist and Corporate Bad Boys

Goldman Sachs
Henry M. Paulson, Jr., then Chair & CEO of Goldman Sachs, was a Bush Pioneer having raised at least $100,000 for Bush in the 2004 presidential election. In 2006, Paulson was appointed by Bush to be Secretary of the Department of the Treasury. [1]

Goldman Sachs gave $478,250 to federal candidates in the 05/06 election period through its political action committee - 35% to Democrats and 65% to Republicans. [2

Obama has sucked the corporate dick of Goldman Sachs to the tune of $523, 478.00 in his run for the Presidency.

Nuclear Monster Exelon:

Obama’s biggest single source of corporate money - $160,000 - came from executives at Exelon Corp., the nation’s largest nuclear power provider, and its subsidiary, Commonwealth Edison, an Illinois utility.

Exelon spent $500,000 to influence policy in Washington last year. Although Obama took no money from Exelon’s Washington lobbyists, he accepted $1,000 checks from lobbyists John P. Novak and James Monk of Springfield. In Springfield, Novak represents Exelon., and Monk is president of the Illinois Energy Assn., a trade group that represents Commonwealth Edison.

This amount has leapt to $227,661.00 as his laps at the ass hold of this major nuclear polluter.

Obama talks about a Credit Card Holders Bill of rights while performing financial fellatio on the wallot of JP Morgan Chase and Company:

JPMorgan Chase & Co
JP Morgan Chase & Co is one of the nation’s leading financial services firms, offering commercial and consumer banking and credit services, securities brokering and financial consulting. Through its subsidiary Chase Bank, the company is one of the top consumer credit card issuers in the country. As expected, the firm has lobbied heavily on legislation that would affect the nation’s financial industry, including bankruptcy reform and banking deregulation. In 2002, federal investigators launched a probe into the firm’s relationship with former energy giant Enron. Prior to the energy firm’s collapse, JP Morgan Chase had been one of the company’s biggest financial backers.

So far, Obama has kept his nose up their ass enough to garner $317,142.00 in Campaign donations, making his claim he does not take lobbyist money more of a FAIRY TALE than anything else. He has also been ass kissing Citigroup Inc. who has helped steer $301,146.00 to the Obama Presidential Campaign.

You want to see the corporate dick Obama has been worshipping, here is his BIG HITTERS short, he has sold his ASS to the big boys, is NOT REALLY CHANGE, but business as usual.

Top Contributors
Goldman Sachs $523,478
University of California $339,168
UBS AG $327,302
JPMorgan Chase & Co $317,142
Lehman Brothers $302,697
Citigroup Inc $301,146
National Amusements Inc $293,022
Sidley Austin LLP $271,857
Harvard University $268,491
Google Inc $259,010
Skadden, Arps et al $248,743
Exelon Corp $227,661
Morgan Stanley $225,976 -involved in Bear Sterns $30 Billion BAILOUT.
Time Warner $221,878
Jones Day $212,525
Wilmerhale Llp $194,688
Latham & Watkins $187,208
University of Chicago $183,147
Kirkland & Ellis $182,176
Citadel Investment Group $175,900

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