Friday, April 11, 2008

Obama, HERE IS A CLUE You Elitist ASS

15-25 Million Illegal Aliens, and their children (at least 4 million ANCHOR BABIES) are here in America depressing American Wages, stealing American jobs while our Federal Government sucks the dick of BIG BUSINESS, and you are one of those Federal Politicians suggesting we GRANT ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS AMNESTY, allow them to keep jobs that rightfully belong to AMERICAN CITIZENS. Well here are so facts for you to shove up your arrogant ass.

1. Over 120 Billion dollars in remittances are being shipped to Mexico by those working here in America Illegally. For every dollar added to an economy, you create six more, and for every dollar taken (stolen) from an economy, you take six dollars out of the economy...that drain from remittances to Mexico is cheating our American Economy out of 1.44 TRILLION DOLLARS in fuel!

2. Illegal aliens have LOWERED wages of average Americans by over SEVEN PERCENT, and that figure jumps to over NINE PERCENT in black communnities, and to over 13 percent for young black men between 16-25.

3. Illegal Aliens living 20-30 to a house in lowerclass/middle class communities are depreciating our PROPERTY VALUES, while at the same time we are being asked to pay higher property taxes to EDUCATE ILLEGAL ALIENS AND THEIR ANCHOR BABIES.

Let's DRAW THE LINE...Americans have NO PROBLEMS with those who have immigrated to America Legally, we do have a problem with those here illegally, and our governments refusal to DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Secure our fucking borders you elitist fuck turd, imprison the executives of large American Companies that are hiring illegal aliens, and begin deporting illegals. Further, eliminate SAFE HAVEN COMMUNITIES for illegals by eliminating all federal funding to any community that acts as a Safe Haven Community, and lastly ELIMNATE THE TAX EXEMPT STATUS of the Catholic Church for aiding and abetting illegals in remaining in America.

Sure if a criminal RAPED YOUR WIFE you would have a problem with that, yet you seem fine with letting Illegal ALIENS RAPE THE LOWER AND MIDDLECLASS, steal our jobs.

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