Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chinese Torch Relay Oppression CONTINUES...It's What Their Olympics is About-IOC Must Be So Proud

The oppression of people continues around the world in the name of China, in the name of the Olympics as massive force is used to protect the Flame of Shame at every stop along the blood stained route. Today in Pakistan citizens have actually been BANNED from the route (some unity there) while in India military troops and vile police arrest Tibetans and protesters there ahead of the arrival of the Tainted Flame. Meanwhile President Bozo Bush wants to pretend the China Olympic's is JUST A SPORTING EVENT...if only he had a brain.
Pakistan changes route for Olympic torch relay, rules out anti-China protests

Arif Hassan, president of Pakistan Olympic Association, which is organizing the ceremony for hosting the relay, also says he is confident that the anti-China protests which have greeted the flame elsewhere in the world will not occur in Pakistan.

The torch is scheduled to arrive early Tuesday in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, from Muscat in the Middle East.

Hassan said Monday that security will be tight.

China is one of Pakistan's main military and economic assistance providers.

Meanwhile in India:

Latest News

David Guttenfelder/The Associated Press

Dozens of protesters are arrested in Delhi as the Indian capital prepares to play host to the second leg of the Asian torch run.

Then This...Public BANNED from Flame of Shame Relay:

The Olympic torch relay will be closed to the public when it reaches Pakistan on Wednesday because of security concerns, a Pakistani government spokesman told CNN.

Instead of the original plan of holding the relay in public streets in Islamabad, the relay will be held in front of invited guests in a stadium, said Lt. Col. Baseer Haider Malik.

The decision to move the relay behind closed doors came a day after Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf attacked the West over the protests that have dogged the event.

Musharraf accused Western leaders and media of politicizing the Olympics by criticizing China's human rights record and its policy in Tibet.

"First of all, we consider Tibet an inalienable part of China," he said in an interview with China Daily on Sunday. If "anyone is harboring or abetting the separatists, we condemn that."

Musharraf is in Beijing to meet with various Chinese officials...

..."You cannot superimpose the human rights and democracy environment of a Western country onto other countries," Musharraf added. "That is the error that the West and the Western media makes. This does not work at all and this must stop."...

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