Saturday, April 12, 2008

Time For Rural Voters To Get Out A Can Of WHOOP ASS

FUCK, Said the WRONG GOD DAMNED THING again Folks, but well, you know, just forget about it, GIVE ME ANOTHER FREE PASS. Must have been that COCAINE I SNORTED long ago!
YEE HAW, Mr Slick Dick Harvard Graduate Senator Barack Hussein Obama has shown his true elitist colors, shown his prejudice against poor, average white voters in Pennslyvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Indiana, shown us what he really thinks about our religion (verse his Jeremiah Wright religion), our appreciation of guns and the heritage of hunting and the 2nd Amendment, and it is time for us SIMPLE FOLK to get out a good old fashion can of WHOOP ASS and beat the living fuck shit out of Obama at the polls, teach him a political lesson he will NEVER FORGET.

Obama has not had a problem with 90 percent of the Black Community voting for him, showing their BLACK PRIDE...well, what is wrong with turning the tables on Mr. Obama, showing him our PRIDE IN OUR HERITAGE by uniting behind a vote that will keep this ill informed elitist PRICK out of office? Simply stated, if you believe in God, practice religion, VOTE FOR HILLARY. If you own a gun, you hunt, or have a friend or family member who hunts, VOTE FOR HILLIARY. If you are out of work, have lost your job to out sourcing, downsizing or to an illegal alien, VOTE FOR HILLIARY.

If people in these three groups all vote for Hilliary, Obama can carry 100 percent of his dearly beloved Black Vote, can embrace the views of Jeremiah Wright all he wants, and WILL STILL LOSE.

So, when the primary comes to your town or state, take out your own personal can of POLITICAL WHOOP ASS and just say no to Obama. Lets show Mr. Harvard it is not nice to insult the so called Hillbilly Vote!

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