Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Disgraced China Olympics Try For Pity Using Cripple...Meanwhile, The San Francisco Routing of Torch

Jin Jing NO HERO...sells out Human Rights
The GREAT China Summer Olympics are OFFICIALLY A DISGRACE, the oppressors of that backward nation brutally beating Tibetans, trying to force them into submission just in time for the Summer games has backfired as protestors the world over have ruined the Torch Relay with all signs pointing to protests getting louder and more successful at each successive stop along the route...China's plan...try to get world sympathy for their OPPRESSIVE NATION by using a CRIPPLE in Jin Jing, the third torchbearer in the FAILED Paris leg of the "Relay of Shame" torch toss. Have the heads of government in China no PRIDE? How low will they stoop to save face if they are willing to use a CRIPPLE in a wheelchair in their Propaganda Campaign?

Jin Jing from Shanghai should be ASHAMED OF HERSELF for participating in the torch relay. As a former athlete, as a ROLE MODEL she should take a stand in favor of human rights for those in Tibet, but instead SOLD OUT to party insiders for a few moments of fleeting fame carrying the torch in Paris...in short, she got what she deserved when protestors tried to extinguish the flame.

Meanwhile, here is the latest information from the official torch site on the flames travels in California. Look for the Chinese to start events EARLY to avoid protestors so they can pump out PROPAGANDA about how well recieved the China Torch Event was here in America...here is a clue CHINA...we don't want you here, and think Goerge Bush is a pussy if he attends the opening event for the Olympics. Couple points...one torch bearer has decided NOT to carry the torch. Further, China flew in very early in the morning because they have no spine, could not face protestors. Well, that flame has to go back to the airport, doesn't it?

Olympic spirit to be spread through North America via San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge (Photo credit: China Foto Press)

(SAN FRANCISCO, April 7) – At 6:00 p.m. in Paris Monday evening, fans waved goodbye to the Olympic torch. After a short but sweet final ceremony, the sacred flame hopped on the chartered Air China flight to its next destination, an ocean away. The sixth stop of the global journey will take the sacred flame to its only stop in North America, San Francisco, California.

Relay Route

At 1:00 p.m. on April 9, California time, the sacred flame will start its tour of the famous American city.

Starting at McCovey Cove, the torch relay route extends a total of about 6 miles. In about an hour and a half, the sacred flame is expected to tour Third Street, hit the Embarcadero, journey to Jefferson Street, be carried through Hyde Street, be taken to Beach Street, and then to Polk Street. From there, the Olympic torch will continue on to Bay Street then re-enter the Embarcadero, finally ending at Justin Herman Plaza, where it will be sent off with a concluding ceremony signaling the end of the relay run in North America.

Torch will not pass through Chinatown

Although fans were quite enthusiastic about having the Olympic torch pass through the city which is so heavily populated by Chinese-Americans, after careful consideration, planners decided not to have the relay route journey through San Francisco's historic Chinatown. Because of the expected large numbers of people that will come out to see the flame, organizers were worried about safety issues while the torch was being carried down the narrow streets.

Jin Jing really a BITCH? You decide.

Jin Jing, a Chinese torchbearer, said the disruptions by some separatists were an insult to the athletes and undermines the spirit of the Olympics.

"I despise them", said Jin, who carried the torch on a wheelchair.

However, she said she was encouraged when she saw many people, including Chinese students, waving Chinese flags to cheer her along the way.


Anonymous said...

Don't be too hard on Jin Jing - the real culprit is the Chinese Communist gov't that has brainwashed their people and lied to them for 50 years. It's the Chinese gov't we should be mad at. I'm pretty mad about the oppression of Tibet but I wouldn't try to take a torch away from a handicapped person.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your great imagination and your fucking logic.

Anonymous said...

How much you know about Tibet, her culture and her history? And how much the Chinese taxpayer support this poorest region? I do supspect the socalled buhdist- I never saw such an evil!

Anonymous said...

Come on, why do you delete my comment? Is this your freedom in your calling? So, you guys support to free tibet peacefully by attacking a disabled girl? oh, you are very peaceful indeed!

Anonymous said...

If you are not Chinese, I strongly recommend you try your best to hear different sounds, and find the truth by yourself.

If you are Chinese, then fuck you once again!

Anonymous said...

I agree with "the Chinese Communist gov't that has brainwashed their people", however, you know nothing about Tibet.

Anonymous said...

I support the Chinese Communist gov't on this issue.