Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obama, Stay on Point-Let's Discuss WHAT YOU SAID, Not What You Want Us To Think You Said

This is BULLSHIT, where is the America Press in hammering Obama? Just for the sake of clarity, and to get the discussion on Obama as an Elitist back on point, lets just concede a point. For the sake of arguement, we conside there is some bitterness among Americans out there in Blue Collar America...we have every reason to be bitter don't we? Due to government corruption and corporate greed the middle class has been decimated through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN. Government's refusal to enforce our laws, go after corporations and deport illegals has depressed our wages, cost many of us our jobs. Corporate Greed coupled with lack of Federal Enforcement now sees our homes in danger...personally, though my mortgage is not in danger, I have no equity as a result of the Mortgage Crisis, have lost $100,000 in equity. I could continue to list a littany of other problems and issues including the Iraq War that could account for myself and other Americans being BITTER, or angry, or fretful, so we concede the point.

The reality though is simple...that anger or bitterness has not turned me to guns or religion, does not have me CLINGING to either. Further, my anger, even my resentment is not at a race of people (black, white, Latino or any other) but at a group of people (of many races) who have broken our laws (illegal aliens), and laws such as Affirmative Action that put me as a white man at a disadvantage in applying for many jobs, especially with our federal government.

Obama is being allowed to cloud the issue, change what he said into something entirely different. There is no cause and effect between my love of God, my guns and bitterness, one does not CAUSE the other which is what Obama's ORIGINAL STATEMENT SAID. So, why isn't the National Media pointing this out, calling Obama on what he said, rather than letting him redefine and reshape what he said into something completely different. He has taken one part of what he said out of context and is being allowed to refocus our National Attention on that small phrase, looking at us with that smile and saying..."Come on, you know there is bitterness, and if you don't see and admit the bitterness, YOU ARE OUT OF TOUCH!"

He is forcing us into a corner where we lose either way...if we admit to bitterness, his first statement was correct, and if we do not admit the bitterness, it is WE NOT HIM that is out of touch. It's an old debating ploy that MUST BE CHALLENGED. It is time we call him on the REAL ISSUE...explain to Blue Collar Americans the causal effect you stated plainly in your private comments to Billionaires. Hows did our bitterness and anger at the system, at our government see us suddenly CLINGING to our guns and religion? That is the question I want answered. That is the ANSWER the press and Hillary Clinton must DEMAND out of Obama.


Anonymous said...

Read the numbers and weep, douchebag.


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