Saturday, April 12, 2008

Huffington Post SAT on Story To SAVE OBAMA Presidency

As we explore Obama's comments, lets also STORM THE WALLS of the Huffington Post who SAT ON THIS STORY, conveniently waited for a FRIDAY to send it out onto the internet. In short, explosive news was hidden, deliberately, by the Huffington Post because they knew the HARM IT WOULD DO to Obama, the reporter (an ardent Obama Supporter) admitted as much on CNN. Even after deciding that the NEWS MUST COME OUT, the Huffington Post waited till Friday to release it, knowing that the weekend release of this explosive information on Friday afternoon would greatly mitigate the damage done to Obama, do less harm to the Candidate! In short, the Huffington Post tried to manipulate and control the flow of information, sit on a MAJOR STORY and news to BENEFIT SENATOR OBAMA, and in doing so have SHAMED THEMSELVES, and brought into question their right to be a part of the blogging news community!

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