Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In Winston Salem Michelle Obama Opens Mouth and Asshole Appears

Seems Michelle Obama has managed to offend again...her target this time around is MEN. She "playfully" inferred that MEN are accessories! As in PROPERTY, a poccession!

"I'm a big fan of accessories," she said "I'm married to one. "

"Just kidding."

First, it was not funny, and to her FEMALE CHAUVINISTIC remarks, all we can say is, "FUCK YOU BIATCH".

One thing is all primaries moving forward, the choice is simple...Americans can vote for America's candidate, or they can give the nomination to the Black peoples candidate in Senator Obama, as his campaign has made it abundantly clear he is not really the peoples candidate, but the black peoples candidate...what is next, Jeremiah Wright in his cabinet?

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