Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama's GREAT FAKE Jeremiah Wright Mia Culpa Moment...Roland Martin is PISSED

Just in from our Democrats Against Obama blog...Obama's typical Washington Insider Mia Culpa moment. Who does he think he is kidding! Time for this FAKE to realize that the FAT LADY is singing, that he needs to turn in his gloves and go home.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama Going Down Down Down While The Jeremiah Wright Flames Burn Higher

He's Been Like A Father To Me!

The nation has known for weeks that Jeremiah Wright was a rabid viper, a bigot, a racist spewing forth hate speech from the pulpit. Obama chose to ignore that reality chose to STAND BY HIS MAN. He told America that Jeremiah Wright was like a father to him, stated he could not more abandon Jeremiah Wright than he could abandon his own grandmother...you remember her, the one who makes "typical white person" remarks?

Then came Jeremiah Wright's statements at the press club yesterday, a walking talking bigoted caricature spewing forth hate and self serving rhetoric for all the world to see. Still Obama STOOD BY HIS MAN.

Then his staff starting handing him overnight POLL RESULTS. Obama, the TYPICAL WASHINGTON INSIDER POLITICIAN did what POLITICS required, and marched to teh cameras ready to deliver his GREAT MIA CULPA...forgive me father for I have sinned.


Even today in his denoucement Obama LIED to us...we have PROOF he was in the church pews for at least one of Jeremiah Wright's hate filled sermons. We know for a fact by his own words that Obama considered Jeremiah Wright his SPIRITUAL MENTOR.

WAKE UP AMERICA, especially that part of America (North Carolina and Indiana)and see this imposter for what he is, a PRETENDER to the THRONE. You have the power next Tuesday to send Senator Obama PACKING, and that is exactly what needs to be done. On a personal note...Roland Martin, wake up to the reality...YOU ARE BACKING A LOSER.

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