Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Breaking News-Obama Crashing and Burning In Pennsylvania

Barack Hussein Obama crashing and burning in Pennsylvania defiantly refuses to apologize, goes further and rejects ELITIST TAG! He is stubbornly insisting he is right, and everyone else taking offense to his remarks is wrong. From there he moves out and tries to redirect the spot light on Hillary and Bill Clinton in a poorly played strawman ruse. Holding his breath as he screams to anyone listening, "THEY ARE THE ELITIST, NOT ME!"

Seriously, has Barack gone back to smoking the ghanja and snorting up lines of his beloved COCAINE? It's the only excuse I can come up with for his insane refusal to FESS UP, admit that he was WRONG! Maybe him and his ungrateful BITTER WIFE Michelle have gone on a Colt 45 binge, thus accounting for his sudden loss of composure on the campaign trail?

Should I retract that Colt 45 comment before Al Sharpton shows up in my blog demanding I be FIRED for making racial slurs, using stereotypes in describing Barack and his wife as drinking Colt 45?...if he shows up, maybe Al Sharpton could explain why it is OK for Barack Obama to use terms like "typical white person" and suggest average middle class blue collar white folks turn to guns and religion out of bitterness, but I can't infer Barack has a penchant for Colt 45...who am I kidding, he's a Harvard Graduate, editor of the Harvard Law Journal...he probably prefers doing shots of a BOLD MERLOT while snacking on Norwegian Salmon! Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon? Maybe Barack can win back the Pennsylvania voters by going BOWLING AGAIN!

What's NEXT, another lecture from Obama on RACE? Maybe that is the problem, us poor dumb blue collar white folks NEED ANOTHER LECTURE ON RACE! In keeping with the Getty Family theme, he could deliver it from Gettysburg! Can see it now, Obama flipping peace symbols AKA Richard Millhouse Nixon, "I am Not an ELITIST!" His wife Michelle standing behind him shouting, "I'm starting to NOT BE PROUD AGAIN!" Maybe bring in the choir from the Trinity United Church of Christ, Jeremiah Wright coming out of retirement to give the openning Eulogy.

Here is some FREE ADVICE Mr. Obama...learn some humility, contact the major press sources, letting them know you are giving a MAJOR press conference, and when they show up, apologize to AMERICA for your elitist, stuck up, holier than thou statements, and then withdraw from the race, thus saving your job as a Senator.

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