Saturday, April 12, 2008

Overwhelming Security Force Assures Peaceful Buenos Aires Stop For Flame of Shame

Federal and local forces, combined with China's Ninja Torch Thugs assured China one peaceful stop yesterday in their Flame of Shame World Tour. Of course, it also helped that the city planners provided a route through the RICHEST parts of their community ending the day with festivities at the Polo Club. World travelers need to IGNORE the China Olympics, maybe take a trip to Monte Carlo instead. Curious where the IOC in condemning China's attempts to control political speech during the Olympics...IE, athletes could be imprisoned for flying the Tibet flag in their own dorm rooms! My suggestion to solve this problem...if the athletic world has any balls at all, EVERY OLYMPIC TEAM would add a Tibet Flag patch to their uniform for opening ceremonies.

In other news, China admits their issue with Tibet is one of preserving the "Motherland", not human rights...NOT EXACTLY...let us all be honest here. If Tibet is granted self rule, that would leave the country free to WORSHIP the Dali Lama, and that would place him, and Tibets religion ABOVE the communist state pecking order...WHOOPS, that does create a problem when all citizens are expected to respect and worship the Communist Machine above all else. In short, China justifies their human rights abuses under the quise of MAINTAINING the proper pecking order in China...meanwhile, lets not forget we also have the Taiwan issue as know, the once China always China syndrome, even if the people ruled don't want to be ruled.

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