Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mugtada al-Sadr To Be Obama's Vice Presidential Running Mate?

On the advice of Jeremiah Wright, is Senator Obama about to name radical Shitte Cleric Mugtada al-Sadr as his running mate to shore up his Muslim flank, and win over the financial support of Iranian Conservative Mullah's? Bad question? Why? Everytime some audience member asks Obama about such and such or so and so, the press wets all over themselves running to beat the next 20 minute news loop...Al Gore to be offered a cabinet position, OR HIGHER...Tipper to be named Goddess of the Golf Courses, Tiger Woods rumored to be happy with the choice. Disney's Genie in a bottle, a Super Delegate in the state of Florida announces his support of Obama, and suggests the Super Delegates be seated at the Convention, but only if they all agree to support Obama.

Some piss-ant Super Delegate sides with Obama and it is National News, but when his Super Delegates are found to be dirty skivy fuck turds, the media does not touch it, the story buried on page 7F. Curious here CNN, isn't the Detroit Mayor a Super Delegate supporting Senator Obama? Just another one of those inconvenient circumstances like Rezco, and Mr. Bigot Jeremiah Wright? How about a reporter doing some SERIOUS investigation into Michelle Obama's $200 K RAISE that coincides with Senator Obama's taking office! How about asking both Michelle and Obama if they took and OATH to the Trinity church, and Reverend Wright? The web site says that is a requirement of belonging to the church.

The media needs to put away their female bashing ways, their hatred of the Clintons, and VET OBAMA with the same scrutiny that Hillary has that, and the man folds like a paper tiger as he is NOT FIT to be President of the United States of America, and his wife is not fit to be First Lady.

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