Friday, April 11, 2008

Obama Suggests Americans Bitter Over Job Losses Hate Black Americans and Illegal Aliens

Oh sure, Obama did not actually USE the *N* word, but he might as well have done so when he suggested Americans bitter at losing their jobs tend to cling to things like our guns, and HATRED/Antipathy of those different than them, like (ILLEGAL) immigrants and people of color...!

Hey Obama, first, illegal aliens are CRIMINALS! They have broken no less than FOUR AMERICAN LAWS in being in America, and HAVE STOLEN American jobs, have LOWERED OUR fact, it is noted, that the hardest hit sector of American Workers as a result of Illegal Aliens are young Black Men...that SIR IS A FACT...yet, you want to GRANT AMNESTY TO ILLEGAL ALIENS, WANT TO LET THEM KEEP OUR JOBS. Fuck YOU Mr. Elitist, Classist Afro American Bigot, you need to stop painting WHITEY as bigots, stop making this race about is YOU, it is the black community have put Americans in a situation where we are accused of being racist if we are not willing to vote for OBAMA THE BLACK MAN...I will not vote for you because you embraced and maintain a relationship with a BIGOT in Jeremiah Wright, will not vote for you because you are underqualified, will not vote for you because you have NO SUBSTANCE, will not vote for you because I find your wife and ungrateful bitch, not because of the COLOR OF YOUR SKIN.

As for your hint that those losing our jobs turn towards HATE of Black People...don't confuse HATRED OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, which is REVERSE DISCRIMINATION with HATRED OF A PEOPLE based on the color of their skin, don't accuse us of hating immigrants because we HATE CRIMINALS that have broken our laws...since you brought it up there MR OBAMA, do you believe someone is entitled to a job based on the COLOR OF THEIR SKIN, rather than their QUALIFICATIONS as a HUMAN BEING. Do you EMBRACE REVERSE DISCRIMINATION in the name of Affirmative Action, and do you embrace letting ILLEGAL ALIENS KEEP JOBS THAT BELONG TO AMERICANS? Bring it on Obama, LETS HAVE THAT TALK. You can hear Obama's ignorance here.

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